A “sweaty” update!

My post from Face book:

When someone starts talking about their sweat on social media they are either losing it or their life is an open book…

The past four nights have been interesting. I woke up each night totally drenched in a night sweat. I feel like I have been in a battle. One night it happened twice! I have sweated so much that I lost over 4 pounds in 4 days and that is with my trying very hard to replenish with fluids. I talked to my doctor last night to go over a few things and asked him abut the night sweats. He was very pleased that the medicine brought them on. I asked if I was getting rid of the dead bacteria through my perspiration. He said that it was absolutely happening. He said a major battle was being waged within me and the Babisia was being attacked big time. The other two tick-borne diseases and the walking pneumonia are being attacked too. But, the Babisia was the first one (based on the med. I started with). So, last night I blessed myself with an extra dose of holy water before I went to sleep to enter the battlefield again.

Today is a new day. Graces abound and Our Lord wants us to ask for them and to accept them use them. Thank you for your prayers! You are definitely in mine. God bless you and keep you!

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    • It’s nice to hear from you! I pray that my book will inspire you! Thanks so much for your love and prayers. God bless!

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