6 thoughts on “FOX NEWS “Spirited Debate” with Lauren Green Re: Mother Teresa

  1. Donna-Marie,
    You were absolutely wonderful on this show and explained your friendship with Mother Teresa so beautifully despite the shortness of the program. I have to say you looked beautiful, just radiant. I know Mother Teresa is guiding you through these exciting days. Saint Teresa of Calcutta please pray for us who love you so!


    • I am very glad that even though it was a short show, you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind words about Mother Teresa guiding me in these special and busy days. Yes, St. Teresa of Calcutta, please pray for us and guide us! Amen.

  2. My daughter will be at the cannonization please pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire her you gave me a miraculous medal touched to your relic and I can only be thankful that this happened

    • I will say a prayer for your daughter right now. May our dear Lord inspire your daughter in a special way. May Blessed Mother Mary pray for her and Mother Teresa too. I will pray. God bless you and your daughter, Susan!

  3. I appreciate a news site that acknowledges a Saint. By interviewing a catholic and author who actually had contact with Mother Teresa in a personal way.

    Thank You

    • Maria, I was also thankful that the news site did this interview. Thank you for your kind comment. God bless you!

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