News Times article: “A Friendship Forged in Faith”



“NEW MILFORD – Mother Teresa’s canonization by Pope Francis is bringing fresh focus to the legacy of a contemporary saint whose love for the poor transformed the lives of the world’s most destitute people.

And in the eyes of one admirer who shared a 10-year friendship with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning nun, Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta also transformed those inspired by her example.
 “She said that holiness is not a luxury for a few, but everyone’s duty,” said Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, a New Milford author, television host and mother of five who formed a friendship with Mother Teresa during the last decade of her life. ‘God gave her to the worldto teach us that hunger is not just about starving for a piece of bread in Calcutta, but about starving for love right here in our own homes.'”1024x1024


[You can see the FULL recent News Times article about my friendship with Mother Teresa here.]




4 thoughts on “News Times article: “A Friendship Forged in Faith”

    • Which article, Lisa? There is one in this blog post. There are other articles I have written. Are you referring to the recent article in the Catholic World Report?

  1. This was such an encouraging article Donna-Marie!! Thank you for always being available to share Mother’s message and the impact she had on your life. Her message I believe is so clear! LOVE without fear, follow Jesus’ footsteps, pick up your cross daily and live heroic virtue!!! God bless you always!!!!!!

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