I never expected this.


“I am that man that you mentioned in your life…”

What was that? How could he be?

Allow me to back up a bit to explain…

When I wrote my book The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and The Saints Helped Me To Discover The Beauty of The Cross I deeply desired to offer a huge dose of hope to those who had suffered from any form of abuse or have suffered in some way. I had learned along the way that it is important to share about our struggles and God’s redeeming grace so that others could be helped. I wanted to share the power of prayer and God’s grace, especially in the dark corners of life.

As well, I hoped to get across the need to forgive. I figured that though my memoir was written for men and women, that perhaps the majority of the people my book would most likely impact would be women. Since the release of my memoir, I have heard from countless women who have thanked me and told me that they were changed for the better by reading The Kiss of Jesus. I was not looking for thanks but I am praising God for His mercy and love and for working through me to help others. I am deeply thankful.

But, I never expected to hear from an eighty five year old man who recently wrote me a letter.

“I am that man that you mentioned in your life…”

I had to stop and think…

I read further through a bit of shaky writing and then realized that this man had seen me on EWTN talking about my life, struggles and suffering. He had recognized himself in my story.

Wow. His letter was extremely powerful for me to read. My heart was deeply touched as I continued to read his words. He explained that after watching me on EWTN he knew that he needed to ask God to help him and to also forgive him. The man thanked me for helping him to find “peace and serenity” now at eighty five years old.

He wrote so much more and ended his letter by thanking me for my “suffering…” He said, “Now, I know what my wife went through.”

Oh, dear God, please continue to help this man and anyone who has suffered or is suffering. Please grant them the graces they need to forgive and to be forgiven. Thank you dear Lord for your LOVE. Amen.



6 thoughts on “I never expected this.

  1. Dear Donna-Marie,
    Praise be to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!!!! How wonderful that God used you to speak to this man’s heart and helped him to repent of his actions. I am so thankful you shared your life in an open, honest way that has touched so many people, especially me!!! This work is anointed by the Holy Spirit and will undoubtedly continue to be used by God to save many!!! God bless you always my dear sister!!!

    • You are so kind, Fran. I am deeply humbled and blessed by this man and his letter to me. I am immensely thankful to God for using my life and book to touch this man’s heart and soul. Praise be to God! All glory goes to HIM. God bless you dear Fran!

  2. Donna-Marie, that’s beautiful! That you have been instrumental in saving one soul is worth more than all of the corporal works of mercy combined. God be praised!

    God love you, my friend. Pray for me as I am in need of powerful help as well.

    • I am deeply thankful to have helped even in some small way. Yes, GOD be praised. All glory to God! And as Mother Teresa told me, “All for the glory of God and the good of the people.”

      Yes, I will pray for you for sure. You have been on my mind, Lorraine. May our dear Lord give you everything you need. May Mother Mary keep you close to Her Immaculate Heart!

  3. You know what is wonderful too, Donna? He took the time to let you know and wrote you a letter. It’s so important to do things like that.

    It is important to always be grateful, and let others know that we are.

    • Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, Lorraine. It was wonderful that he took the time and wrote me a letter. I was so humbled and blessed by it and I am praising God!

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