Donna-Marie’s Visit on EWTN’s At Home With Jim and Joy

I was recently blessed to visit Jim and Joy Pinto at the EWTN studio in Alabama. In case you missed the airing of our show it is here to watch at your leisure. We discussed families, family dinners, teaching the faith, and much more. I hope that you can watch.

2 thoughts on “Donna-Marie’s Visit on EWTN’s At Home With Jim and Joy

  1. Is this the show that you discussed the daily readings that you do. It was the divine something I missed the title and have been searching since. If it is the right show it was personnel reading that you did, I couldn’t listen to the show it didn’t play thank you

    • Hello! This show I am speaking about is called “Feeding Your Family’s Soul.”It will be short 2 or 3 minute teachings for the family that will be shown during EWTN’s “At Home With Jim and Joy” show. They should be airing very soon on Thursdays. I hope that helps. God bless you!

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