Buy BOTH Fatima books!

Pope Benedict XVI said we should “Learn the message of Fatima, LIVE the message of Fatima, and SPREAD the message of Fatima!

Special BUNDLE offer!

Get both books (autographed) and with a blessed Miraculous Medal for just $29.00 (plus shipping and handling)!


2 thoughts on “Buy BOTH Fatima books!

  1. Hi Donna Marie
    I haven’t emailed you in a long time. My daughter gets married in 10 days so we have been busy with all of those details. Congratulations on your books. I am going to give a copy of your books to the people who are participating in Kerianne’s wedding. Could you sign the adult books to : Patti, Uncle Pete, Clare, Grace. Thanks so much

    • It’s great to hear from you, Margie! How wonderful about your daughter’s upcoming wedding. It’s exciting and I know that it is also a very busy time! Thank you for your kind words on my books. That’s so kind of you to give books to the people who will be participating at your daughter’s wedding! I will email you. God bless!

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