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  1. Dear Donna Marie…thank you so much for your ewtn program on motherhood and moms.
    I stayed home with four..now adult children with families of their own.
    So many other moms went out and also worked outside their homes. Congratulations go out to them, but I could not do it and failed to get the respect I would have gotten if I had a job working outside our home and drawing a salary. I was overwhelmed with work..
    I see one of our daughters….with only one child at the present time, who is a grade school teacher and what she is expected to do in her job as a teacher….along with the other responsibilities in their home and do not know how they are able to do it!
    My husband had a friend, who was a fellow teacher, and who came to our home years ago and wanted to sell my husband an insurance policy on me!
    Without the stimulation and comradaree of other adults it was very difficult.
    Our own parish …Christ Our Light…. In Troy, Mich has just recently formed a Mom’s group so that young moms can come together and share their faith, what is going on in their own lives and pray together for their intentions.

    Our oldest is a son, who happens to be a counselor in a public high school has told me….”Mom don’t you allow any one to speak less of what you did…in my work, I am able to see the results..of troubled teens and families who are looking for me to have an answer for their family problems and they have started back… a long time ago.

    We have a wonderful opportunity to sit down with our young families and teens and say a decade of the rosary for that student that is disrupting their own classroom…. for their teachers, for their grandparents who might be ill, for their friend whose father has lost his job or who is looking for work, for the test that is coming up…and for any of the intentions that they are carrying heavily in their hearts.
    Encourage them to never go anywhere without a rosary in their pockets…The evil one hates it…it is an assured natural sleeping aid….we can ask our Blessed Mother to take our concerns to her Son …just as she did at the Wedding Feast of Canna! ….. and what was the result…..the finest of wines! He wants only the very best for us and so…..sometimes Our Lord answer is yes, sometimes wait or it just might mean a few other things have to take place first for any of the other things to take place. That is
    why we just keep saying those prayers of the Rosary.
    The Morning Offering can assure us that Jesus is right alongside us as we do the dirty laundry, the shopping..
    or any of the chores of our home life and will use them to our advantage although it may not seem that they are.

    We can make it a blessing for someone else every day to
    just smile at them and say….have a marvelous Monday tomorrow, a terrific Tuesday .a wise?..Wednesday, a thrilling Thursday, a fabulous Friday, a sensational Saturday and a great rest of the week!
    I have done this at holy Mass on a Saturday after the Handshake of Peace…saying it to .the teenagers who don’t seem to be too thrilled to be there….and even some of the adults, and it makes them break out in a big smile.

    Thank you,
    Margaret Midea,,
    Troy, Mich

    • Dear Margaret, How refreshing to read your comment! That is great that you started the Mom’s group. Your oldest son is wise beyond his years! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement to today’s families.May God continue to bless your family and all families throughout the world!

      God bless!

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