“Angels of God” Fr. Andrew Apostoli talks about the Angels

My dear friend Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. talks about the Angels on this show on EWTN: Sunday Night Prime. He was reiterating some of the things we had said on our Angel show prior to this one and mentioned some things that we ran out of time to talk about. We have done two Angel shows together.

One thing that Fr. Andrew reminds us that I mentioned in our previous Angel conversation is that our Guardian Angel brings us at least three things:

!) PEACE when we are troubled or suffering.
2) PENITENCE from our sins, encouraging us to make reparation
3) INSPIRING US TO PRAY to be strengthened and enlightened.

Take a look here below to watch the show:


2 thoughts on ““Angels of God” Fr. Andrew Apostoli talks about the Angels

  1. God reward you and Fr. Andrew, dear Donna-Marie, for all you do for Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. Your reward will be great in Heaven. Our Jesus is never outdone in generosity, and both you and Father have always been generous to so many in a multitude of ways.


    • You are very kind, Lorraine. Fr. Andrew Apostoli is such a holy soul and does so much for our Lord. Let’s keep him in our prayers. I was blessed to do many shows with him including two Angel shows. I pray that the shows help countless people to learn more about the holy Angels – our invisible helpers! God bless you and keep you!

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