Chatting with Teresa Tomeo on “Catholic Connection”

I recently had the blessing and pleasure to speak with dear friend Teresa Tomeo about my children’s Fatima book Our Lady’s Messages to Three Shepherd Children and the World.

You can listen in here at your leisure. Just click here and move the marker to the “39.15” mark to listen to our visit. Or, feel free to listen to the entire show.

Chatting with dear Teresa Tomeo about Fatima

Take a listen to Teresa Tomeo and me. We chatted about the Faith and Our Lady of Fatima. You can tune in by clicking here and then scrolling to the 19.31 mark unless you want to start from the beginning of her show on Catholic Connection.


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Speaking about Mother Teresa’s possible upcoming canonization

I recently had the blessing of speaking with Elena Rodriguez on the “Catholic Connection” show on Ave Maria Radio. We chatted about Blessed Mother Teresa and the possibility of her upcoming canonization in the Year of Mercy. You can hear it here.

We also talked about my book: Mother Teresa and Me:

Mother Teresa and Me

and my upcoming memoir: The Kiss of Jesus:

KJ-HThey both can be found on my Book page on this website.