Sneak peek a chapter in my new book: “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”!


You can have a look at one of the chapters in my new book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality by clicking here.

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The Kiss of Jesus Blog Tour Day # 12!


Today our blog tour stops at Catholic Mom. Lisa Hendey writes:

cm_logo_final_vertical-copy_300“I’ve lovingly called Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle a mentor and friend for over a decade. Her work has inspired, edified and blessed me in countless ways over those years. And while I’ve known for some time that Donna-Marie faced personal challenges along her spiritual journey, nothing could have hinted at the level of hardship she retells in her new memoir The Kiss of Jesus.

Why was I so surprised when I read this book? The reason comes from the love and peace that Donna-Marie exudes. When reading of her hardships over the course of so many years, one might imagine that a “victim” mentality or a bitter worldview would be the result of such suffering. But the truth of the matter is that Donna-Marie has found a key to peace and joy in her life: her faith in and love for Jesus Christ. Her ability to convey this life-changing love is what’s at the heart of  The Kiss of Jesus and it’s also what you feel when you meet this lovely author, speaker and television host in “real life”.  This is also what takes this book from being simply a “tell all” story and turns it into a major gift for anyone who has faced challenges and hardships along life’s path…”

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