Donna-Marie talking about Lent “Part One” on Sunday Night Prime

I was recently visiting with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime. In our show, “Bringing Lent Home, Part One” we talked about the family, Lent, Mother Teresa, and St. Therese.  In case you didn’t catch it, you can see it here at your leisure.


Upcoming shows EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime!

I just found out that my other visit with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R will air before the one I told you about. Here is the schedule:

Sun. Feb. 26 at 8:00 PM
Mon. Feb. 27 at 4:00 AM
Mon. Feb. 27 at 9:00 AM
PT. 1

Fr. Apostoli welcomes Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle to discuss Mother Teresa, St. Therese, and the Lenten season.
Sun. Mar. 05 at 8:00 PM
Mon. Mar. 06 at 4:00 AM
Mon. Mar. 06 at 9:00 AM
PT. 2

Here is the link to the EWTN website.

I hope you can tape it or watch at those times. It isn’t noted on the EWTN website, but one of the shows is about St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis. The other is noted, which is about Mother Teresa and St. Therese.

Catching up and stuff!

I have been working non-stop on a very important book project. It’s a children’s Fatima book! It’s has been an inspiration on my heart to write it and I feel blessed to do so to teach children and their families about the amazing messages of Our Lady of Fatima. This book will help them to learn and LIVE the messages. I am taking a short break from the book writing right now to write this blog post! Then, I will get right back to it and work hard to complete the writing and get it off to the publisher and out to be printed so that in the very near future you can have it in your own hands to read to yourself and also perhaps to a child you love. It is a book that is not only appropriate for this 100th anniversary year of Our Lady’s messages, but for beyond this year as well. As soon as I have a cover image I’ll be happy to reveal it to you.

As you might know my other Fatima book titled, Our Lady of Fatima: 100 Years of Stories, Prayers, and Devotions is due to be released in March! You can see it right here on Amazon. It has been ranked the Number One bestseller in the “New Releases of Christian Mariology” for quite some time. That tells me that people want to learn the message of Fatima! You can see it here at my website for pre-order. Each copy will be autographed and will come with a blessed Miraculous Medal.

My pilgrimage to Fatima and Poland is September 17th to the 27th and will be an exciting grace-filled trip for this 100th anniversary year! Fatima expert Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R will be the spiritual guide for the trip. There is information here.

On another note, I will be on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime soon on March 5th (with a couple of re-airs). I’ll be away that week end on a speaking trip in Lafayette, LA, so you will see it before me. 🙂




We are speaking about my Lenten books and the Lenten season within the family. Here is the information:

“Fr. Apostoli welcomes Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle to discuss Mother Teresa, St. Therese, and the Lenten season.”

Sun. Mar. 05 at 8:00 PM

Mon. Mar. 06 at 4:00 AM

Mon. Mar. 06 at 9:00 AM

I hope that you can tune in or tape it.

PLEASE pray for my book writing! You are in my prayers too. God bless!

Donna-Marie’s Novena Bracelet on EWTN Religious Catalogue

My Prayerfully Hoping & Expecting Novena Bracelet is on EWTN’s Religious Catalogue. I designed a Pro-Life “Bracelet For Life” exclusively for EWTN. You can learn about it and view the video right here. Just push the little marker to the 4:43 minute mark. It airs from the 4:43 mark to 7:31. Johnnette Benkovic displays the bracelet I designed for EWTN.

I hope you enjoy it!

Feeding Your Family’s Soul on EWTN Bookmark show!

You can see my visit talking about family, faith, and food and my book “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” with the wonderful Doug Keck on EWTN’s Bookmark show. I come in at about the 13:40 marker. You can slide the marker forward to that point and watch until the end. Or, if you have time, by all means, watch the whole show. 🙂 Prior to my visit is author Lisa Hendey who is the founder of Catholic

EDITED TO NOTE: I am sorry but the You Tube video has now been taken down. I believe that EWTN would like to put it out again in January when the show will air on EWTN TV.

Get your recipe boxes here!


I want to encourage families to collect family recipes and to cook together and spend time together in the heart of the home. I want families to reach out to older relatives to keep family traditions alive.

You might know that I recently developed a new TV series for EWTN titled, “Feeding Your Family’s Soul.” I’ll keep you posted on that but I think you’ll see that in January 2017.

Meanwhile, I have created special recipe boxes for families. You might like to get one for a loved one for Christmas or for your own family. You can learn more about it here at my “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” website.


Radio Chat and Catching Up!

I haven’t had time to write a blog post in a while because I have been working hard on developing a new EWTN TV series called “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” and I am happy to report that I am just about finished! All forty shows are developed, but I just need to do some final preparations (like figuring out what I am wearing on 41 shows! 🙂 As well, I have a few other things to do too. But, don’t worry! I’m just teasing about the 41 outfits. Maybe I’ll just pack 8 or 9 outfits 🙂 ).

My new series is comprised of 40 episodes to start with and I will also do a guest appearance on another show while I am there–hence the 41 shows. I’ll be flying down to the network very soon to film. I’m very excited about this new series because it is an opportunity to offer encouragement and the Catholic “tools” to Catholic and Christian parents and grandparents.

Just before developing all forty shows to begin the series, I was busy with the writing of my Fatima book which is titled Our Lady of Fatima; One Hundred Years of Stories, Prayers, and Devotions. It will release March 2017.

In my busyness, I almost forgot that it was time to plant the garlic! That is something I do annually. Every year at about this time, I am digging lots and lots of holes in my raised bed garden and planting hundreds of cloves of organic garlic. It is actually a bit back-breaking for me, but since I am so obsessed with garlic, believing it is very healthy and even medicinal, I am committed to growing it. I use it in home-made soups and meals I make for the elderly and sick. I also use it in our family meals. Sometimes, I give the bulbs of garlic away. But, I always need to save some from the late summer’s harvest to replant that fall.

So, I took full advantage of the warmer weather the other day and got down in the dirt to plant a bunch of garlic–all the while offering many prayers while out in God’s Creation.


The garlic is planted. Now I need to add a thick bedding of straw.

On another note here is a recent radio chat I had on “Seize the Day.” I hope you’ll enjoy it. It was right before Mother Teresa’s Canonization so I guess it is not exactly “recent.” But, I just received the link to it today.

Mark your calendars. In addition to the shows I mentioned above, I’ll be appearing on EWTN’s Bookmark show on December 11, 2016 and another show coming up in January that I’ll tell you about soon.

On still another note, if you receive Legatus magazine you will see my new column in the upcoming November issue.

It’s about Family, Faith, and Food


This morning I was blessed to speak with John Harper on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air.”

In case you weren’t able to join us this morning, you can listen at your leisure right here. You can slide the little time marker over to the “40.35” mark to hear my segment.

You can see my new Feeding Your Family’s Soul website here.

The family is beautiful!

The family is such an amazing blessing created by God!



Would you like to send me a photo of your family sitting at the dinner table for consideration of being included on my “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” website? I would include your family photo in some of my blog posts or somewhere on that website!

Every photo that is sent to me will be placed in a drawing to win a copy of my book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality!

So, what are you waiting for? Please send them to me at:

I am feeding-your-family_cover_finalNOT looking for perfection! Just normal everyday family photos of you gathered together at the dinner table–no matter how small or large your family is. And, mind you, this is requested by a mother of five and grandmother (yours truly!). So, I know that dinner times could get messy at times! It is rarely Norman Rockwell picture perfect!

If possible, in addition to your family name with the photo, please give me a sentence or two about your family dinners together.

Thanks in advance and God bless you!


Sharing our faith on “Deep Adventure” Radio Show


I recently had the blessing of chatting with Catholic author and radio host Bear Woznick as a guest on his “Deep Adventure” radio show. You can listen right here at your leisure. It’s a long one, so you might want to get yourself a beverage and get comfy. Or, just play the audio as you put the dishes or laundry away. 🙂

Bear and I discussed our prayer lives, deep scary struggles, God’s mercy, the Blessed Mother and the Rosary, forgiveness, and so much more. I hope that you enjoy our radio chat. As Bear mentioned on the show, if you would like to hear more, write to him and request that he have me on his show again.

“Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie” on EWTN Radio

mother-teresaI recently visited with Jerry and Debbie on EWTN’s “Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.”

You can listen to our hour-long radio conversation about Mother Teresa when you have time. Get yourself a beverage and pull up a chair and enjoy listening about dear Mother Teresa now canonized and called Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Truth be told, I will continue to call her Mother Teresa. 🙂

By the way, we also discuss my Miraculous Medal ministry and my memoir, The Kiss of Jesus.

Click here to listen.

“Feeding Your Family’s Soul” on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime

IMG_5340Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. recently interviewed me on his very popular Sunday Night Prime TV show about my upcoming book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality.I love doing shows with Fr. Andrew. He is a wonderful Host!  I just found out that it will air this Sunday, August 7th, as well as August 8th. You can see more here on the EWTN website.

Here are the times and dates:
Sun. Aug. 07 at 8:00 PM ET
Mon. Aug. 08 at 1:30 AM ET
Mon. Aug. 08 at 9:00 AM ET

Fr. Andrew and I discuss the family and the need and responsibility to teach the faith to the family and I give many tips during our show. In addition, we stress the importance of family dinners. I hope that you can tune in and that you will enjoy our show.

My book will be ready very soon. In fact, I think I will have copies as early as the end of August. I will ship out pre-orders as soon as I receive the books. They will be autographed and be sent with a blessed Miraculous Medal.

If you would like to pre-order my new book you can do so here on my book page of this website.

Here is a description of the book: This book is uniquely suited to come to their rescue. Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality is a vital tool to enable parents to transform a regular dinner time into a prayerful faith lesson for their elementary school to high school aged children. It will indeed help to fulfill the Catholic Church’s vision for evangelization in the family and beyond.

Through 52 fun and creative faith lessons (one for each week of the year plus actually one extra as Extra Credit!), this one-of-a-kind book will encourage parents and caregivers to seize the opportunity in teaching the Catholic faith to the children (the captive audience waiting to eat!) while gathered at the dinner table, and while reminding them of the value of coming together as a family to break bread and share hearts.

This book bears a foreword by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and wonderful endorsements.

Donna-Marie’s book is a real treasure. The family has been called the “domestic church” and it is there that we first learn about God, our prayers, and how to live our Christian life. Donna-Marie certainly offers a valuable tool, because when the family gets together for a meal, it is an appropriate time to share and teach the faith. We are reminded at a meal that we not only feed our body, but we need to feed our soul with God’s word and message.

~ Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., Founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and Host of EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime

There is no shortage of studies showing the importance of family meal time. Add in the spiritual component of prayer and teaching the faith and you have, as Donna Marie so eloquently illustrates, a recipe for success. Follow Donna Marie’s plan and you’ll be fortifying your loved ones in their faith now and in the future.

~Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Catholic talk show Host and best selling Catholic author

This is a very important book for the Church and the culture today, and will no doubt help shape the hearts and minds of parents and children to be more like the Holy Family. Fr. Patrick Peyton said it best: “The family that prays together, stays together.” When families truly begin to pray together, the culture will experience the love and mercy of Jesus.

~Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

An altar is also a table. It is the scene both of self-sacrificial love and of a meal signifying and embodying communion with God and one another. In Feeding Your Family’s Soul, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle shows us how to help make our dinner table into an altar of worship and love centered around family meal times. Read this wise and practical book and find a way to help your family become happier and holier. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

~Mark P. Shea, Author, This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence

With gentle affection for her readers and an invigorating passion for the Catholic faith, Donna-Marie’s new book is a gift of great value to Catholic parents and grandparents, everywhere. Feeding Your Family’s Soul is a wise and delectable fusion of insights, stories, recipes, and prayers that will inspire and empower you to evangelize your family in the most natural of environments: the sacred space around your kitchen table.

~Lisa Mladinich, Founder of Author of Heads Bowed: Prayers for Catholic School Days

PRE-ORDER NOW for $15.99!

Enjoy the show this Sunday Night or go ahead and record it for when you have time. I pray that the show and my upcoming book which will be available in a few short weeks will bless families all around the world!

God bless you and keep you!



How can we show mercy to others?

Unexpected_Discovery2I recently briefly discussed the Works of Mercy on my continuing series “Mother Teresa and Mercy” on the Son Rise Morning Show. Sometimes, I think that parents and grandparents believe they must carry out huge endeavors to accomplish a Work of Mercy. But I think not.

I do wholeheartedly admit that many times while the Work of Mercy we want to do might not be so “ginormous,” we often must put a lot (or maybe a HUGE amount) of effort into our Work of Mercy. That is because in a family we are dealing with delicate or very personal matters of the heart that can sometimes involve pain or heart ache. On a lesser level, the situations can involve the butting of heads, of egos, and even stubborn grudges.

Showing mercy, offering forgiveness, and bearing wrongs patiently can be really tough to do in the family, but they are essential to our true happiness and our growth in holiness.

Take a listen here when you have about 10 minutes. Slide the marker to the “17:50” mark to hear just my segment (at the end of the show) or listen to the whole thing. I hope that you will enjoy my discussion with the lovely Anna Mitchell!


Your Angel Questions

Fr. Andrew Apostoli and I recently did our second Angel show together for EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime. I now have the link to the show in case you’d like to watch it. I find that the world of Angels is utterly fascinating. I hope you enjoy the show!


In case you missed it, you can see our first Angel show here…
VISIT TO “SUNDAY NIGHT PRIME” discussing the holy Angels with Fr. Andrew Apostoli:

“Mother Teresa and Mercy”: Offering forgiveness and showing mercy even when it’s difficult


I recently spoke with Anna Mitchell on Son Rise Morning Show. We continued our series on “Mother Teresa and Mercy” during this Year of Mercy. We talked about offering forgiveness and mercy at home and why it is important to do so. Take a listen to the interview here.