Feeding Your Family’s Soul on EWTN Bookmark show!

You can see my visit talking about family, faith, and food and my book “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” with the wonderful Doug Keck on EWTN’s Bookmark show. I come in at about the 13:40 marker. You can slide the marker forward to that point and watch until the end. Or, if you have time, by all means, watch the whole show. 🙂 Prior to my visit is author Lisa Hendey who is the founder of Catholic Mom.com.

EDITED TO NOTE: I am sorry but the You Tube video has now been taken down. I believe that EWTN would like to put it out again in January when the show will air on EWTN TV.

Bragging about my daughter

I’ve never written a blog post like this before. But, why not? Moms have bragging rights. 🙂 I’d like to share a bit about my oldest daughter Chaldea. If you’ve read any of my books, you might recall that she was the teen ager who gifted me with that special secret gift on my late November birthday many years ago. It was the note in the envelope she left on my dresser. Remember that? She had placed inside her own babysitting money which she gifted to me to help with Christmas presents. I was a single mother at that time and I was moved so much by her big heart.
I’d like to pass along a link to my daughter’s Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/people/chaldea My daughter Chaldea (aged 35) is an artist and has illustrated 3 of my books (The Heart of Motherhood, The cover of The Domestic Church, and all of the sweet baby illustrations in Prayerfully Expecting).
Chaldea’s work is very wholesome and family oriented. She is also an organic farmer with her feet firmly planted on the ground! In addition, she has a sweet and whimsical book she wrote and illustrated called “Farm House.”



Please pass along her Etsy website address to anyone you know who might be interested in ordering her artwork. Her greeting cards are amazing, if I may say so myself. Supporting her in her vocation of art helps to keep her at home with her one and a half year old son, Shepherd, my sweet grandson.



I know I am bragging (but that’s what Moms do!).  While I am at it, I want to also mention that Chaldea is multi-talented. She is not only a sweet wife and mother, she plays many musical instruments, knits, farms, paints, illustrates, and works in many forms of art.


Take a look at her art here: https://www.etsy.com/people/chaldea She also sells her art at many week end festivals. She is known for her whimsical characters in her paintings and greeting cards.

Thanks for letting me share about my daughter. 🙂 I will also link her website to this website and my other one.

Get your recipe boxes here!


I want to encourage families to collect family recipes and to cook together and spend time together in the heart of the home. I want families to reach out to older relatives to keep family traditions alive.

You might know that I recently developed a new TV series for EWTN titled, “Feeding Your Family’s Soul.” I’ll keep you posted on that but I think you’ll see that in January 2017.

Meanwhile, I have created special recipe boxes for families. You might like to get one for a loved one for Christmas or for your own family. You can learn more about it here at my “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” website.


On the airwaves with Jon Leonetti

I was chatting with Jon Leonetti yesterday morning on Iowa Catholic Radio from the EWTN National Radio Conference. We talked about the need to be countercultural as parents and grandparents among other things. In case you missed it and would like to tune in, check it out right here.

Chatting about Family Dinners on the Son Rise Morning Show this morning



This morning I was blessed to speak with Anna Mitchell on the Son Rise Morning Show. We talked about family dinners and struggles, and more. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, here’s the link to listen in. Move the marker to the 10:30 mark to hear our visit, or listen to the whole thing.

It’s about Family, Faith, and Food


This morning I was blessed to speak with John Harper on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air.”

In case you weren’t able to join us this morning, you can listen at your leisure right here. You can slide the little time marker over to the “40.35” mark to hear my segment.

You can see my new Feeding Your Family’s Soul website here.

The family is beautiful!

The family is such an amazing blessing created by God!



Would you like to send me a photo of your family sitting at the dinner table for consideration of being included on my “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” website? I would include your family photo in some of my blog posts or somewhere on that website!

Every photo that is sent to me will be placed in a drawing to win a copy of my book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality!

So, what are you waiting for? Please send them to me at: DMCOBoyle@aol.com.

I am feeding-your-family_cover_finalNOT looking for perfection! Just normal everyday family photos of you gathered together at the dinner table–no matter how small or large your family is. And, mind you, this is requested by a mother of five and grandmother (yours truly!). So, I know that dinner times could get messy at times! It is rarely Norman Rockwell picture perfect!

If possible, in addition to your family name with the photo, please give me a sentence or two about your family dinners together.

Thanks in advance and God bless you!


Feeding Your Family’s Soul on EWTN plus surprise news!



In case you didn’t get a chance to see Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R and me recently on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime discussing the family and my new book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality, you can see it here and also below:





I have some happy news for you. I am excited to tell you that I have created a new television show for EWTN titled “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”! They will be short 2 minute shows filled with inspiration, encouragement, and the Catholic tools for today’s families. I’ll be going to the EWTN network soon to film forty shows! Yes, that’s right–forty! I’ll begin with those and go from there.

So, please keep me in your prayers to do a good job in presenting the Catholic tools and encouragement to Catholic parents and grandparents.

In addition, did you see my new website “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”? I created it recently to have a specific place to aid Catholic families. I’ll be building upon it steadily with all kinds of valuable information for the family, news about my shows, and wholesome recipes for family life, as well as food recipes too! Take a look here.

feeding-your-family_cover_finalMay God bless you and keep you!


NEW REVIEW: Feeding Your Family’s Soul

NEW REVIEW: Feeding Your Family’s Soul:

When I was a child, my family did not gather around the dinner table to share life together. Sure we ate at the same time, but on most nights, it was at the kitchen counter with the evening news blaring on the TV. When I visited my aunt and uncle’s home, I savored the commraderie around the dinner table—dishes being passed around, conversation flowing, even clean up and the rotation of chores was a novelty that I secretly wished was part of my normal routine.

When my husband and I married and started our family, dinnertime became very important to us. I don’t recall us talking about how we would gather together; we just did it. Perhaps my childhood experience unconsciously made dinnertime sacred to me. I am grateful that both of us knew the significance of coming together at the end of the day to pray, talk, and share a meal together.

When our children were small, conversation wasn’t very deep or insightful, but it was a chance for Greg and I to check in with each other after a long day. As more children joined us around the table, it became important to share highlights of the day. It gave the children a chance to share the spotlight, and it helped us connect the dots regarding what was reallygoing on at school and among friends.

We recently entered a new phase in our family life. Our two oldest daughters have started playing volleyball in the fall, and our family dinnertime has certainly been affected. Late-afternoon and early-evening games require us to eat in shifts. It can be tricky to have dinner ready for half of the family, when I am at a game. Missing out on the one time of the day when our entire family can be together can throw the rest of the evening off, too, since dinnertime is often the transition into our bedtime routine.

Thankfully, volleyball season has an end date, and our regular routine will return in about a month. However, this season of hit-or-miss meals together reminds me of the importance of the everyday dinnertime tradition and how all families need to fight to preserve it.


In her new book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle gives families a companion in the fight to preserve dinnertime togetherness. In it, she shares 53 conversation starters for each week of the year. Not only do the chapters give parents ideas on how to shape dinnertime conversation, they include wisdom from the saints, prayers, Scripture quotes, questions, and delicious recipes to prepare together.

Each week, the family will learn about an aspect of the Catholic faith through storytelling and discussion, which will allow children (and adults alike) to ask questions and seek understanding. If a family has some extra time on Saturday and Sunday to introduce the week’s theme, it will provide a springboard for continued conversation during shorter, weekday meals.

This book can be utilized in a number of ways. A family could easily begin with Chapter 1 and go through the book in order. Or a family could skip around the book and focus on the chapters that line up with the liturgical calendar. For example, Chapter 4 on “The Communion of Saints” could be highlighted the week of November 1, when the Church celebrates All Saints Day, and Chapter 47 on “Why Catholics Honor the Blessed Mother” could be read and discussed during the month of May, which is dedicated to Mary. In addition, if parents want to focus on a particular virtue with their children, such as mercy, they could easily incorporate the corresponding chapter (Chapter 11 on “Learning Mercy from St. Faustina Kowalska”) to help that teaching along.

I am really excited about incorporating Feeding Your Family’s Soul into my family’s dinnertime conversation. Especially after this fall’s volleyball season, it will get us back on track with connecting to and conversing with each other on a daily basis. I am confident that the stories, questions, and prayers will enhance our family’s prayer life and extend our shared experience into other parts of the day.

If Feeding Your Family’s Soul is a book you’d enjoy adding to your spiritual library, I am pleased to give away three copies, thanks to Paraclete Press. To enter the giveaway, simply fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway below. I will pick three winners next Friday, Oct. 7, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

[Visit the blog here to enter the contest and to see more.]

Sneak peek a chapter in my new book: “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”!


You can have a look at one of the chapters in my new book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality by clicking here.

You can order the book here.

Additionally, I have some exciting news that I will share soon…Stay tuned! 🙂

Sunday Night Prime: “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”

[Hit the pause button above if you are not ready to view the show. This will allow you to read the blog post first. 🙂 ]

I believe that we need a strong backbone to parent our children and grandchildren properly. We can’t allow the culture to dictate to us about how we should parent our children or how our home life should be. As the first and foremost educator of the faith to our children and grandchildren, we absolutely need to know our faith and to in turn teach it to the children. God is counting on us!

IMG_5336The video above is the recent discussion I had with Fr. Andrew Apostoli about my newest book “Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality” on his very popular EWTN Sunday Night Prime TV show. During our time together, I show how we can seize the opportunity to teach the faith right at the dinner table. Fr. Andrew and I even talked about (in the words of Fulton Sheen), “dead bodies floating down the stream”! As well, how we do not want to be one of them! We need to go against the flow of our world today to parent our children properly.

Recently, a weary homeschooling Mom of many children came to me for a little “shot in the arm.” She was worn out from demands pulling at her, sleepless nights, and active children. A new school year was about to begin and being in her third trimester of a pregnancy, she felt quite exhausted. I think you get the picture. Things were getting to be a bit overwhelming. We chatted through emails and then it was time for this show to air. Afterwards, the gracious Mom emailed me again to share her thoughts. With her permission, I will share some of her note to me:

“Before I head to bed, I just wanted to tell you that the Sunday Night Prime show was tremendously excellent! It was a huge blessing that came at the perfect time for me! I feel completely renewed in my goal and purpose as a homeschooling mom!

I love the quotes and the reinforcement that being countercultural, having a backbone, swimming up stream (not floating downstream with the other dead bodies) is absolutely God’s call on my life. Through your interview, I am convinced now, more than ever, that He is with me and for me in this sometimes very intense homeschooling adventure.  No other path allows me to so vehemently protect my children from evil influences.  This show was a God-send at the beginning of a new homeschooling year for me (and at the end of the pregnancy).  My resolve is strengthened!  Thank you!”

By the way, in addition to the above opportunity to view the show, you can also see the show here on the EWTN website. I hope that you will enjoy the show! May God bless families everywhere!

Feeding Your Family_cover_FINALBooks can be pre-ordered here at Amazon or autographed copies here at my website and at Paraclete Press!

God bless!


“Feeding Your Family’s Soul” on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime

IMG_5340Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. recently interviewed me on his very popular Sunday Night Prime TV show about my upcoming book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality.I love doing shows with Fr. Andrew. He is a wonderful Host!  I just found out that it will air this Sunday, August 7th, as well as August 8th. You can see more here on the EWTN website.

Here are the times and dates:
Sun. Aug. 07 at 8:00 PM ET
Mon. Aug. 08 at 1:30 AM ET
Mon. Aug. 08 at 9:00 AM ET

Fr. Andrew and I discuss the family and the need and responsibility to teach the faith to the family and I give many tips during our show. In addition, we stress the importance of family dinners. I hope that you can tune in and that you will enjoy our show.

My book will be ready very soon. In fact, I think I will have copies as early as the end of August. I will ship out pre-orders as soon as I receive the books. They will be autographed and be sent with a blessed Miraculous Medal.

If you would like to pre-order my new book you can do so here on my book page of this website.

Here is a description of the book: This book is uniquely suited to come to their rescue. Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality is a vital tool to enable parents to transform a regular dinner time into a prayerful faith lesson for their elementary school to high school aged children. It will indeed help to fulfill the Catholic Church’s vision for evangelization in the family and beyond.

Through 52 fun and creative faith lessons (one for each week of the year plus actually one extra as Extra Credit!), this one-of-a-kind book will encourage parents and caregivers to seize the opportunity in teaching the Catholic faith to the children (the captive audience waiting to eat!) while gathered at the dinner table, and while reminding them of the value of coming together as a family to break bread and share hearts.

This book bears a foreword by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and wonderful endorsements.

Donna-Marie’s book is a real treasure. The family has been called the “domestic church” and it is there that we first learn about God, our prayers, and how to live our Christian life. Donna-Marie certainly offers a valuable tool, because when the family gets together for a meal, it is an appropriate time to share and teach the faith. We are reminded at a meal that we not only feed our body, but we need to feed our soul with God’s word and message.

~ Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., Founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and Host of EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime

There is no shortage of studies showing the importance of family meal time. Add in the spiritual component of prayer and teaching the faith and you have, as Donna Marie so eloquently illustrates, a recipe for success. Follow Donna Marie’s plan and you’ll be fortifying your loved ones in their faith now and in the future.

~Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Catholic talk show Host and best selling Catholic author

This is a very important book for the Church and the culture today, and will no doubt help shape the hearts and minds of parents and children to be more like the Holy Family. Fr. Patrick Peyton said it best: “The family that prays together, stays together.” When families truly begin to pray together, the culture will experience the love and mercy of Jesus.

~Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

An altar is also a table. It is the scene both of self-sacrificial love and of a meal signifying and embodying communion with God and one another. In Feeding Your Family’s Soul, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle shows us how to help make our dinner table into an altar of worship and love centered around family meal times. Read this wise and practical book and find a way to help your family become happier and holier. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

~Mark P. Shea, Author, This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence

With gentle affection for her readers and an invigorating passion for the Catholic faith, Donna-Marie’s new book is a gift of great value to Catholic parents and grandparents, everywhere. Feeding Your Family’s Soul is a wise and delectable fusion of insights, stories, recipes, and prayers that will inspire and empower you to evangelize your family in the most natural of environments: the sacred space around your kitchen table.

~Lisa Mladinich, Founder of AmazingCatechists.com Author of Heads Bowed: Prayers for Catholic School Days

PRE-ORDER NOW for $15.99!

Enjoy the show this Sunday Night or go ahead and record it for when you have time. I pray that the show and my upcoming book which will be available in a few short weeks will bless families all around the world!

God bless you and keep you!



“The Domestic Church” will inspire, energize, and change your perspective on the mundanity of domestic tasks.

The Domestic Church: Room By Room: A Mother's Study Guide

Study your Faith-Room By Room! Designed for group study $18.95

For all of the Moms in the trenches out there…this just found on Amazon:

Exhausted? Discouraged? Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s book, The Domestic Church, will inspire, energize, and change your perspective on the mundanity of domestic tasks.

It’s so easy for stay-at-home mothers of young children to get disheartened. Day after day, we have an endless stream of wearisome tasks. Our work is seemingly invisible and goes largely unnoticed. However, Donna-Marie helps us to see that it is precisely these quiet, unnoticed tasks that put us on the path to Heaven. True, it would be easier to sweep the aisles of your church or volunteer for a charity than it would be to sweep your own dirty kitchen floor or serve your own children. But, God’s call to holiness for mothers is in the home, as Blessed Mother Teresa said, “Charity begins in the home.”

It is my prayer that mothers everywhere will be uplifted and find solace in Donna-Marie’s works. Let the truths explicated by her writings seep into your spirit and serve as the hug, the reward, and the recognition that every mother deserves but might not receive this side of Heaven. Let her words motivate you to transform your home from an ordinary house to a domestic church, a place of prayer where the virtues necessary for holiness are practiced. Sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets never became so holy! God bless you, Donna-Marie! 5 stars!!!

Are you facing a “domestic church dilemma”? Do you need a good shot in the arm with regard to your mothering? Could you benefit by gathering together either cyberly or in the flesh with like-minded Catholic mothers to nurture and share your faith? I suspect you can. 🙂

You can purchase your autographed copy here. You can inquire about study group discounts by emailing me: DMCOBoyle@aol.com. I hope to hear from you!

God bless you!


Don’t let your prayer life go on vacation!

3189girlpraying_00000002441Just the thought of summer fast approaching might bring thoughts of rest and relaxation to mind. We may recall the lazy days of summer during our youth. Summer may also mean anticipated excitement and adventure—exploring new places or trying new things.

Some families plan escapes to beaches and paradise vacations, while others may stay home and plan day trips to fun spots, the local library, or parks and recreation centers. Anything out of the ordinary can be a very welcome change.

The realization that summer is just around the corner can cause Moms to feel a bit (or a lot!) nervous too. They might not want to let go of their semi-structured schedule for the more relaxed bedlam, craziness, and insane structure of summertime.

One thing we can count on—the schedule will usually change quite dramatically. But there’s no need to fear. Let’s take the stress out of summer right now by pausing to plan a strategy.

Summertime can certainly be a time of well-deserved rest and also a welcome change of scenery. While making plans for our families this summer, let’s not forget about prayer because a change in schedule once we hit summertime and an eagerness to “get away from it all” could cause us to lose touch with our spiritual needs. We don’t want to inadvertently let our prayer life go on vacation!

I am passing along this article I wrote for the Catholic World Report about keeping our prayer lives active in the summer time. It is right here. I hope that you enjoy it.

How can we show mercy to others?

Unexpected_Discovery2I recently briefly discussed the Works of Mercy on my continuing series “Mother Teresa and Mercy” on the Son Rise Morning Show. Sometimes, I think that parents and grandparents believe they must carry out huge endeavors to accomplish a Work of Mercy. But I think not.

I do wholeheartedly admit that many times while the Work of Mercy we want to do might not be so “ginormous,” we often must put a lot (or maybe a HUGE amount) of effort into our Work of Mercy. That is because in a family we are dealing with delicate or very personal matters of the heart that can sometimes involve pain or heart ache. On a lesser level, the situations can involve the butting of heads, of egos, and even stubborn grudges.

Showing mercy, offering forgiveness, and bearing wrongs patiently can be really tough to do in the family, but they are essential to our true happiness and our growth in holiness.

Take a listen here when you have about 10 minutes. Slide the marker to the “17:50” mark to hear just my segment (at the end of the show) or listen to the whole thing. I hope that you will enjoy my discussion with the lovely Anna Mitchell!


Book Award

Press Release:

Family, the Church, and the Real World, a book co-authored by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle took first place in the “Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith” category at the Catholic Press Association’s awards presentation June 3 in St. Louis. It also won third place in the Family Life category. Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle contributed an essay to the book, published by Liguori Publications (2015).

Judges for the Best Popular Presentation category called the book, “An inspiring, practical, and insightful multi-author guide for family life, rooted in a God-love that binds, builds, and refreshes while moving outward to bolster Church and society.”

In the Family Life category, judged cited the book as “Easy and comfortable reading, nicely poetic, and scripture-based.”

“This would be a wonderful book for a group discussion of young married couples with children,” said the judges.

I’m very excited to announce my upcoming book: “Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality”!

It’s time to announce my upcoming book, Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality which will be released at the time of dear Mother Teresa’s canonization.

Are you ready for the cover?

That’s always an exciting part of the book writing process for me. It kind of puts a “face” on the book.

Well, here it is!

Feeding Your Family_cover_FINAL

What do you think?

This book is comprised of 52 faith lessons for the family. It encourages parents and grandparents to step up to the plate as first and foremost educator and to seize the moment to teach the faith right at the dinner table.

Here’s the book description:

This book is uniquely suited to come to their rescue. Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality is a vital tool to enable parents to transform a regular dinner time into a prayerful faith lesson for their elementary school to high school aged children. It will indeed help to fulfill the Catholic Church’s vision for evangelization in the family and beyond.

Through 52 fun and creative faith lessons (one for each week of the year), this one-of-a-kind book will encourage parents and caregivers to seize the opportunity in teaching the Catholic faith to the children (the captive audience waiting to eat!) while gathered at the dinner table, and while reminding them of the value of coming together as a family to break bread and share hearts.

Here’s a special endorsement:


Donna-Marie’s book is a real treasure. The family has been called the “domestic church” and it is there that we first learn about God, our prayers, and how to live our Christian life. Donna-Marie certainly offers a valuable tool, because when the family gets together for a meal, it is an appropriate time to share and teach the faith. We are reminded at a meal that we not only feed our body, but we need to feed our soul with God’s word and message.

—Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., Founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and Host of EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime

This book bears a foreword by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and has received wonderful endorsements.

I’ll fill you in some more very soon.

Are you excited? I am!


Do you need “bite-sized gems” in your mothering?

I think we can all need “bite-sized gems” in our daily lives. But this is true, especially for busy mothers whose lives are really not their own. They are on call 24/7 to care for their family. They can use a nourishing morsel of inspiration to kick-start their day!


A kind reader recently posted a review on Amazon about my book Catholic Mom’s Cafe: 5-Minute Retreats For Every Day of the Year.

She said:

Short and Sweet…and Life-Changing! Absolutely genius way of maximizing the little time that moms have into a daily ritual of quality time with the Lord that is power-packed. Thank you, Donna-Marie, for helping to make prayer time easier for mothers everywhere!
As a busy homeschooling mother of five (and expecting again), I have often lamented not having a structure to my prayer time. Structure equals efficiency, and efficiency equals doable. Prayer is absolutely necessary to feed my soul, but I have to fit it in before the next baby’s cry or cup of milk is spilled.

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s Catholic Mom’s CafĂ©: 5-Minute Retreats For Every Day Of The Year offered me the perfect solution. A short five minute structure to my prayer time which inspired and charged me for the day. She neatly organizes each day’s retreat into ponder, offer, pray and savor. Bite-sized gems that I can actually remember and use as I go about my hectic day. My daily “go-to” along with coffee 🙂
God bless you! 5 stars!!!

Here is the link to see my book on Amazon.

Speaking of mothering, I was recently looking over my book A Catholic Woman’s Book of Prayers because a publishing company just requested permission to translate my book into Portuguese. This book is actually for women of every walk of life, not only for mothers.

I’ll share one of the reflections that popped out at me when looking through my book:

My Distinct Mission
Within all of the innumerable things I do as a woman,
right down at the core of it all
lies the call to my distinct mission from God.
I pray that I may fulfill it lovingly throughout each day
while praying actively, through my hands, in service,
and contemplatively, on my knees,
to please God
and help my neighbor find his way to heaven.
A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers

Speaks to ALL Catholic women: single, married, mothers, and consecrated Religious, $7.95

What “bite-sized morsel” are you hanging onto today? Please feel free to share in the comment box!

Stay tuned for exciting news! I’ll be sharing soon about upcoming projects which includes a new book for families!

May God bless you and keep you!


Prayerfully Hoping & Expecting

I am sharing some wonderful news. First of all, I have bundled my book Prayerfully Expecting: A Nine Month Novena for Mothers To Be with the very new Prayerfully Hoping & Expecting Novena Bracelets. You can see that in this link on my website. The two bundled together make a lovely gift for the expectant Mom or for one who hopes to be expecting someday. But, the novena bracelet is for any woman. Please read on to see why.


Here’s a little about my book which, by the way,  dear Blessed Mother Teresa wrote the foreword to.

This beautifully crafted book is a reflection guide, keepsake, and prayer journal that offers inspiration for each month of pregnancy in the tradition of the popular nine-day prayer, the Novena.
     Your feet are swollen, your hormones are a mess, and you still crave too much ice cream. For every mother-to-be, the nine months of pregnancy can be demanding. Competing with the joy of anticipation is the frustration of bodily pain and limitation. In this intimate book, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle invites pregnant women everywhere to see their pregnancy not as a burden but as a living prayer to God. Connecting the nine months of pregnancy with the nine-part novena prayer tradition known to Catholics everywhere, Donna Marie shows how each month of pregnancy connects the mother to the great Catholic saints and teachers. Alongside the devotional and the catechetical helps are pointed references to the development of the child in the womb as the months of pregnancy progress. Includes a foreword by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and an Apostolic Blessing from Pope John Paul II.
Here is an endorsement:
A different kind of pregnancy journal. Imbued as it is with Scripture, exhortations from John Paul the Great, wisdom from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and both traditional and original prayers, it steeps expectant mothers in an atmosphere of holiness, reminding them that what they are experiencing is sacred.~Karen Edmisten
Here is a little background about writing this book:

I wrote this book Prayerfully Expecting: A Nine Month Novena for Mothers To Be during my own precarious pregnancy in which I was placed on complete bed rest. Very soon into my pregnancy I became deeply inspired to envision a pregnancy as a beautiful nine month novena of prayer as I awaited the birth of my unborn baby.

I wanted to share that inspiration and offer a kind of a prayer journal to other expectant mothers that could help them reflect upon their holy time of waiting, all the while as they pray and grow in holiness.

So, I put pen to paper (literally, since I did not own a typewriter or computer at the time) and I continued to write down all of the inspiration that was stirring in my heart. In God’s Divine plan, Blessed Mother Teresa would write the Foreword to this book. She had also encouraged me to continue to write for mothers and expectant mothers.

Women all around the world are using Prayerfully Expecting to create a living novena of prayer throughout their pregnancies.


Here is a little explanation about my inspiration this past Advent in which I created Prayerfully Hoping & Expecting Novena Prayer bracelets:

During the season of Advent 2015, I felt very inspired to create these novena bracelets to celebrate the sanctity of human life as well as to have a tangible means to pray for it.


one of the styles

As I mentioned above, these novena prayer bracelets serve many purposes. I have made each bracelet with nine beads to symbolize nine months of pregnancy. The number nine is also very significant in praying a novena of prayer. The bracelet will be a visual reminder to pray a novena for your own pregnancy, for your daughter, granddaughter, godchild, daughter-in-law, or niece’s pregnancy, and so on. It can be used to pray to conceive a child, to pray to adopt a child, to pray for your own children and grandchildren, and to pray for every pregnancy to result in a live birth and for the end to abortion.


Another style

I pray as I create each novena bracelet. Each bracelet will be constructed with an attached crucifix, Miraculous Medal, and most of them will also contain a pregnancy saint’s medal. It will be shipped to you in an attractive box with prayer cards inside. I encourage you to get your bracelet blessed so that it may serve as a blessed sacramental.


Another style


You can see much more about the book and the newly created and handmade (by Yours Truly!) novena bracelets (including more styles) here. Hopefully, the information on the page will answer all of your questions.

In addition, I have more great news! The EWTN Religious Catalogue is carrying my bracelets. I have designed a special one that is exclusive to EWTN. You can see the information for ordering right here at the EWTN Religious Catalogue.

Here is an image of the special EWTN bracelet:


Special EWTN novena bracelet