Radio Chat and Catching Up!

I haven’t had time to write a blog post in a while because I have been working hard on developing a new EWTN TV series called “Feeding Your Family’s Soul” and I am happy to report that I am just about finished! All forty shows are developed, but I just need to do some final preparations (like figuring out what I am wearing on 41 shows! 🙂 As well, I have a few other things to do too. But, don’t worry! I’m just teasing about the 41 outfits. Maybe I’ll just pack 8 or 9 outfits 🙂 ).

My new series is comprised of 40 episodes to start with and I will also do a guest appearance on another show while I am there–hence the 41 shows. I’ll be flying down to the network very soon to film. I’m very excited about this new series because it is an opportunity to offer encouragement and the Catholic “tools” to Catholic and Christian parents and grandparents.

Just before developing all forty shows to begin the series, I was busy with the writing of my Fatima book which is titled Our Lady of Fatima; One Hundred Years of Stories, Prayers, and Devotions. It will release March 2017.

In my busyness, I almost forgot that it was time to plant the garlic! That is something I do annually. Every year at about this time, I am digging lots and lots of holes in my raised bed garden and planting hundreds of cloves of organic garlic. It is actually a bit back-breaking for me, but since I am so obsessed with garlic, believing it is very healthy and even medicinal, I am committed to growing it. I use it in home-made soups and meals I make for the elderly and sick. I also use it in our family meals. Sometimes, I give the bulbs of garlic away. But, I always need to save some from the late summer’s harvest to replant that fall.

So, I took full advantage of the warmer weather the other day and got down in the dirt to plant a bunch of garlic–all the while offering many prayers while out in God’s Creation.


The garlic is planted. Now I need to add a thick bedding of straw.

On another note here is a recent radio chat I had on “Seize the Day.” I hope you’ll enjoy it. It was right before Mother Teresa’s Canonization so I guess it is not exactly “recent.” But, I just received the link to it today.

Mark your calendars. In addition to the shows I mentioned above, I’ll be appearing on EWTN’s Bookmark show on December 11, 2016 and another show coming up in January that I’ll tell you about soon.

On still another note, if you receive Legatus magazine you will see my new column in the upcoming November issue.