Revealing tough stuff with Al Kresta

I was honored to visit with Al Kresta of “Kresta in the Afternoon” the other day. Here is what Al Kresta had said for his endorsement after he had read my memoir The Kiss of Jesus:

“The things we carry with us, the stories that make us who we are usually remain hidden from the watching world. Until now, that has been true of Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle who, for years, I’ve known as a writer of rare luminous simplicity and maternal sensitivity whose spirituality bears the mark of her encounters with Mother Teresa. But I was unprepared for the shocking assaults, penetrating injuries, wounds of betrayal, shame of poverty and neglect that alternately enraged and grieved me as I read her memoir. These dark episodes form a devilish veil that can only be pierced by the sword of Christ’s severe mercy. This is no mere conversion story. The power of His grace far exceeds God’s momentary acceptance of a sinner. Here grace is an active, personal force molding, shaping, nurturing, and transforming her. Transformed for love and service. She is led into moving evangelistic encounters with family, strangers and neighbors. So please, don’t deprive yourself of the tough, relentless grace that fills this book. Take up and read. Share in the dispensation of grace Donna-Marie has received and you will learn love and peace in the midst of tribulation.”~ Al Kresta, President, CEO Ave Maria Communications, Host, Kresta in the Afternoon



On his radio show the other day, Al asked me about my life and what I have detailed in my newly released memoir The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in yet, you may listen in here at your leisure. I hope that you will enjoy our visit.

Part One of the interview is here.

Part Two is here.

Part Three is here.

Or try this link for the entire one hour show.