Mother Teresa’s Canonization Portrait and More


It was a blessing to be at the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven, CT just two days before Mother Teresa’s canonization in Rome, Italy. The original portrait that was used for the canonization was hung on the wall of the Museum for all to see. It had been unveiled in Washington DC just days before. Here is an article about the painting in Aleteia. And another article here about Mother Teresa and events at the Museum.


Gazing upon the beautiful portrait and feeling like Mother Teresa was gazing upon me!


I had the wonderful opportunity to venerate a first class relic of dear Mother Teresa. It was a very moving experience.


It is always such a blessing to be with the MC Sisters. These Sisters are from the Bridgeport, CT convent. They were present on Friday before the canonization day. They were presented a stunning replica of the portrait for their convent.


This is on Mother Teresa’s canonization day at the Knights of Columbus Museum. I gave a reflection to more than 100 people who came out that day. I could have been in Rome but Mother Teresa’s words “Love begins at home” kept ringing in my heart when I was praying about where I should be on that day. There were various requests for me to be here in the US to speak about Mother Teresa and do many news interviews, and more. I knew my place was here, though I still felt united to all that was going on in Rome. Graces abounded on that beautiful day and I am sure they will continue.


I loved sharing about my spiritual mother, dear Mother Teresa.

Here is a recent article I wrote for Catholic World Report about some of my experiences knowing Mother Teresa.

God bless you! May St. Teresa of Calcutta guide you ever closer to Jesus!

[Most photos here by Aaron Joseph, Catholic Life Photography]

Graces abound on and around Mother Teresa’s Canonization day!

I was blessed to have been part of an event in Mother Teresa’s honor at the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven, CT a couple of days before her canonization day. The original portrait painting was unveiled and hung at the Museum. A photograph of the image was used to make over a million prayer cards for the canonization in Rome. The banners used at the canonization were taken from that image. It was a privilege to be part of the event.

I have been extremely busy this past week doing many media interviews including Fox News in New York City and doing many radio shows (at least 2 or 3 a day). You can listen to some of the interviews on this website. I’ll add more to my website when I get a chance.

I’ll be traveling to Ave Maria University in a couple of days to bring the message of Mother Teresa to University students there.

But, first, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from the Knights Museum.


And today is Mother Teresa’s feast day! Pray for the graces!


God bless you! Please pray for me!

Very happy to visit my beloved friends, the Missionaries of Charity Sisters!

This morning I headed out with a healthy armload of beautiful hand-made scarves embellished with blessed medals which I had sewn on to each one. Here is a bit of information about this “holy scarf ministry.


The scarves that were all ready to go out this morning are shown here stacked up on this little rocker.

I decided that the first stop after my doctor’s appointment was to visit a Religious Order that is very near and dear to my heart–the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s Order). So, after my appointment we headed over–my husband drove and I prayed many Hail Mary’s as my fingers glided over the beads of my Rosary with a passion. We were headed deep into an area of the city known for its crime. Though I knew this to be a certain reality, I also knew without doubt that we would be safe. God was with us.

A couple of times, as we drove along I pointed out various people to my husband who was intent on finding the address of the MC convent and was totally focused on that.

“There’s a little lady in a wheel chair. She could use a “holy” scarf.”

She continued wheeling down the sidewalk and my husband kept on driving–a man on a mission.

“There’s someone who looks very needy…” My voice trailed off. I wanted to offer the scarves to everyone. I continued on with my Rosary.

Our destination this day was the convent where I knew the Sisters would welcome the scarves for the poor and who would have direct contact with the most in need.

I spotted a church and we found the convent very near. My husband and I were greeted warmly by the Sisters upon arriving at the convent. I was surprised that I was recognized immediately when one sister called out my name. I wasn’t expecting that. I spent some time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I felt so much at home as I knelt there in quiet Adoration for a few moments. Peace entered my soul.

Then, when my husband came back inside after he had re-parked our vehicle closer to the convent, I prayed a prayer out loud quietly in the chapel while Dave stood by my side. I prayed for the Sisters, for all of the needs in that area, and for all who would receive the scarves. We then enjoyed a chat with the gracious and joyful Sisters.


If you have read any of my books you’ll know how much I appreciate those two poignant words, “I Thirst” painted on the MC chapel wall. I have observed those same two words painted on at least seven other MC chapels around the world. But, that might be another subject for another time.

For now, I’ll tell you that I was so happy to give the Sisters the “holy” scarves so that they could give them to the homeless and needy in their area. I let them know that I will be sending more scarves to them and that I’d visit again when I could.

We had to bid our good byes because I knew the Sisters needed to get back to their work.

“Come back anytime. You are welcome!” one Sister called out to us again as we made our departure down the front steps to our vehicle.

I’ll keep you posted about further journeys. I’ll keep scarves with me as I am out and about all throughout the cold Autumn days winter days ahead.

Pray for me please and all those I will meet who will receive these warm gifts. Thank you in advance!

“I Thirst”

Do we thirst for Jesus’ love? Are we aware that He actually thirsts for us? Here is a recording of my visit with Matt Swaim this morning on the Son Rise Morning Show. If you have about ten minutes, you can listen in at any time that is convenient for you.

Happy Holy Thursday! Pray for the graces!

Listen here.