Chatting about Lent on the Son Rise Morning Show


[I have no idea why the wording is backwards on the image above!]


I recently chatted with Matt Swain on the Son Rise Morning Show about Lent with our families. My latest in my Lenten series is Bringing Lent Home with Pope Francis. You can listen to the archive here at your leisure.

Let’s make this Lent count!


Hosting a radio show in Holy Week

I recently hosted a radio show and had as my guest Fr. Frank Pavone! We chatted about Holy Week, challenges and graces, as well as the tenth anniversary of the passing of Terri Schiavo who very sadly was starved and dehydrated to death.

Fr. Frank was a wonderful guest and I thoroughly enjoyed his visit. I know you will too.

You can listen to our visit here:


I hope that you enjoy it. Visit Fr. Frank’s “Priests For Life” blog here.