Visiting with Wendy Weis about dear Mother Teresa

honey-teaRecently I had the pleasure of speaking again with Relevant Radio’s lovely Wendy Weis who was so gracious to rearrange our visit due to my grueling schedule with all of the media interviews about Mother Teresa.

You can hear our chat here.

Please move the little marker to the 23:45 mark to hear my segment which is in the second part of Wendy’s show. Or listen to the whole thing.

It’s always special to chat with Wendy. We feel like we are sitting down and chatting over a cup of tea. 🙂


My recent visit with Wendy Wiese on Relevant Radio


In case you missed my recent radio visit with the lovely Wendy Wiese the other night it’s right here to listen to whenever you have about 20 minutes or so. You can move the little time thingie (at the bottom) to the 26 minute mark if you’d like. That’s where my interview begins. I hope you enjoy it!

Chatting with John Harper on Morning Air!



I recently visited with John Harper on “Morning Air” on Relevant Radio. In case you didn’t have a chance to tune in initially you can listen here at your leisure. In my memoir The Kiss of Jesus I have revealed a lot of crazy stuff and I share things that I haven’t revealed before. This is the first time I tell of these things in this interview on Morning Air.

In the radio interview (and my memoir), I spoke about the many challenges, crosses, and deep joy in my life. I shared about the saints and dear Mother Teresa in my life. We also spoke about courtship, marriage, and family in this interview. I hope that you enjoy it.