Excited to show you a SNEAK PEEK!

Sometime in May of 2017 the second edition of my book “A Catholic Woman’s Book of Prayers” will be released.

I’m giving you a sneak peek of the sweet cover image.



Here’s the publisher’s description:

As an award-winning author, TV host of EWTN’s “Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms,” “Catholic Mom’s Cafe,” and “Feeding Your Family’s Soul,” mother of five and grandmother, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is well aware of the difficulties women face today as they balance all their responsibilities and struggle to find time for prayer.

This book will affirm women on their journey while celebrating the strength, dignity, and specific gifts of women in the context of the faith. Donna-Marie offers words of encouragement for women who are single, married, mothers, consecrated women, and single mothers, while straightforwardly addressing specific difficulties in women’s lives, with prayers for stress, complicated pregnancies, and walking through divorce. Words from Mother Teresa, St. John Paul II, saints and mystics enrich the text with inspiration.

What think ye?

The Kiss of Jesus on EWTN’s Bookmark

71E3vNvwhBLThis Bookmark episode (above) was filmed last summer at the Catholic Marketing network and is comprised of two segments. I am in the second segment. You can scroll the little marker to the halfway point or watch the whole show. Below, I am standing with EWTN’s Bookmark Host and my good friend Doug Keck after filming our program.

You can click on the book cover image to see more about the book as well as ordering information at my “book” page.Bookmark_Memoir_CMN_2015

You can also view the show here on EWTN’s YouTube page and here at the EWTN Bookmark web page.

Enjoy the show and please share it with your friends and family.


The heroic role of the mother

“You lifted my spirits, pointing out how motherhood is a ‘sublime calling,'” she told me.

A very beautiful part of my ministry to mothers, families, and women is that I often feel blessed when hearing from someone who expresses her heartfelt thanks for my work. It causes me to stop right then to give glory to God, thanking Him for using His little servant and working in that person’s heart.

I recently received a beautiful email from a young expectant homeschooling mother of five children. I asked her permission to share part of it.

Here it is:

I must tell you how much your books and talks have affected my life.  I am not even sure how I discovered you. I think it was an Amazon search years ago for Catholic motherhood.  The first book that I’ve read by you was Embracing Motherhood, which made me feel elevated in my status as a mom.  You lifted my spirits, pointing out how motherhood is a “sublime” calling. For years, I just wanted my mom and mother-in-law to come beside me and lift me up and praise the work I was doing, but the reality is that they grew-up in a very feminist generation and seem to be blind to the validity of this work.  So, your writings filled that need for validation for me.

Next, I started listening to Everyday Blessings For Catholic Moms on my Kindle as I went around cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. The kids always knew when I was folding clothes bc the theme music would blare out 🙂  Then, I read The Domestic Church, and one of my favorite passages in that book (which I double highlighted) was when you said that “Blessed (soon to be saint 🙂 Teresa’s advice was to not be ashamed of humble work which is a huge part of mothering: an extraordinary vocation in which little saints are raised inside the hidden confines of the homelife amid the nitty-gritty, humble work of the mother in the home.”   That one statement helps to bring me back to a place of peace when I am tempted to grumble and get discouraged with the nitty-gritty of it all.


She continued…

I cannot express to you what a miracle it is that a girl like me (raised in a non-church going home with a mom who thinks I have lost my mind to be open to this many children…and consequently, she has not offered any support or help) is on the path that I am on. I owe it to the great influences of women like you!  You have come into my home and spoken words of faith and encouragement. Your words have given me strength when I’ve been tempted to agree with my naysayers that I am nuts for doing this.  Your work renews my sense of purpose and inspires me to go on when every bone in my exhausted body says,  “Just quit; put them in public school; and, put your feet up with a latte.”  ?
Next, my goals are to order the Miraculous Medal book, the Mother Teresa Friendship book and the Children’s book on Angels. I will read them all.  Please don’t ever stop writing!!!!!  Keep the nourishment coming!  Your books are my spiritual direction.  They are my friends.
My dear Reader, I want you to know that your loving words and actions mean more than you might ever know. The culture does not make it easy for the heroic mothers who are trying their best to raise Christian children. They are constantly bombarded by the crazy mixed messages of the culture and are not often encouraged in their beautiful sacrificial role of serving their family. Protecting their family from the influences of the evil in society and working hard to teach, care, and most of all, love their children can be tiring.
That mother you see who seems to have it all together, might actually be deeply hurting inside because she craves some motherly affirmation–some kind of shot in the arm to keep her going. You can be the one to help her to know that she is so treasured by God and extremely important to her family in a sometimes thankless job, humbly working through the nitty gritty details of life in the family.
Please go out of your way, and perhaps even push a bit beyond your comfort zone to encourage the many mothers in the trenches raising their little saints to heaven. They need our kind and loving words of encouragement and affirmation. Please help that frazzled or worn out Mom in the grocery store or on the plane–wherever the encounter unfolds and the need arrises. Let her know that her work and sacrifice are SO very important. After all, God has entrusted her with the human being!
I am absolutely sure that you will find countless opportunities–even just in your daily life as you encounter mothers and grandmothers–to help uplift them in their sublime vocation of motherhood – that beautiful vocation of LOVE.

” It will change your life as it did mine.”

71E3vNvwhBL“Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s newest book moved me and inspired me more than any memoir I have read. I met Donna-Marie through reading all her books and watching her programs on EWTN. I learned in one of her earlier books that she had been abandoned by her first husband and raised her children as a single mother for some years. I had no idea she suffered so many crosses in her life. This soft spoken, mild mannered, loving women always inspired me to strive to become the wonderful wife and mother that she was in her domestic church. Now that I know what she had to overcome, leaves me even more inspired to never give up and to live a life of pray and joy in spite of our struggles. To me, Donna-Marie is a living saint and offers so much guidance in her own ministry to me and all who come in contact with her. As she had Mother Teresa and others in her life to guide her we have the many aspects of Donna-Marie’s ministry along with Jesus, Mother Mary and our favorite saints to guide us to get through our own crosses and receive the Kiss of Jesus. I highly recommend this book, it will change your life as it did mine. I thank Donna-Marie for writing this memoir to help us all. I know it had to be very difficult for her. God Bless You, Donna-Marie.”

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Chatting with Teresa Tomeo about The Kiss of Jesus!



Teresa Tomeo has said in her endorsement for my memoir The Kiss of Jesus:

“In this amazing true story of faith Donna-Marie shares painful details of her past struggles as well as a very honest discussion concerning life’s many challenges.  This is not so her readers will feel sorry for her but instead to show all of us that even in the most challenging of circumstances God is with us.  He turns the greatest tragedies into triumphs and in Donna-Marie’s case the Lord turned her misery into a powerful ministry.”
~Teresa Tomeo, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Syndicated Catholic TalkShow Host, www.teresatomeo.com

I enjoyed being with dear friend and radio host Teresa Tomeo on EWTN’s “Catholic Connection” this morning chatting about my memoir The Kiss of Jesus. In case you weren’t able to tune in, I have the entire interview right here for you to listen when it’s convenient for you.

You can buy your autographed copy right here!


New cover for my memoir: The Kiss of Jesus

There’s a new cover for my memoir: The Kiss of Jesus. It’s pretty similar to the earlier cover except that the designer “turned up the contrast” on certain parts to make it more striking and tweaked some things. What do you think?

Here’s the first version:




Here is the final version:




“No mere conversion story”

An endorsement from Al Kresta for my upcoming memoir, The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross.


“The things we carry with us, the stories that make us who we are usually remain hidden from the watching world. Until now, that has been true of Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle who, for years, I’ve known as a writer of rare luminous simplicity and maternal sensitivity whose spirituality bears the mark of her encounters with Mother Teresa. But I was unprepared for the shocking assaults, penetrating injuries, wounds of betrayal, shame of poverty and neglect that alternately enraged and grieved me as I read her memoir. These dark episodes form a devilish veil that can only be pierced by the sword of Christ’s severe mercy. This is no mere conversion story. The power of His grace far exceeds God’s momentary acceptance of a sinner. Here grace is an active, personal force molding, shaping, nurturing, and transforming her. Transformed for love and service. She is led into moving evangelistic encounters with family, strangers and neighbors. So please, don’t deprive yourself of the tough, relentless grace that fills this book. Take up and read. Share in the dispensation of grace Donna-Marie has received and you will learn love and peace in the midst of tribulation.”

~Al Kresta, President, CEO Ave Maria Communications Host, Kresta in the Afternoon

You can pre-order The Kiss of Jesus here.

New Lenten Sale!

ALL four of these books for $14.00! Three Lenten books and one hard cover Catholic Saints Prayer Book for inspiration this Lenten season.




Here is what the publisher says about them:

The Bringing Lent Home series gives families with young children a no-hassle resource for daily Lenten reflection and observance. Author Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, EWTN television host and bestselling Catholic author, presents a beloved saint in each booklet and offers the witness and wisdom of their lives to show families how better to pray, fast, and care for the poor during Lent. Bringing Lent Home booklets can be used during any of the three lectionary cycles and are designed for families with children younger than thirteen.


From the Introduction:

“What can the saints of yesterday offer us today? Transcending history, they offer us timeless wisdom and inspiration, while bringing us closer to God. Sanctity surpasses time and is forever with near us.

The saints’ exemplary examples of holiness give us unparalleled help and sustain our hope, especially during trying times. Just as our association with fellow Christians helps us come closer to Jesus, so our communion with the saints in heaven helps join us to Jesus, but more perfectly…”


You can order your autographed copies here. All FOUR for $14.00! Each order is sent with a blessed Miraculous Medal.