DON’T save the good china!

I am super excited to pair beautiful tea cups and saucers with my upcoming book for Catholic women of every state of life. One of the tea cup designs is shown below. A little card (which can be used as a bookmark in the book) accompanies the tea cup and saucer and has a very special story about my dear mother on it that is in the book (but a bit paraphrased to fit on the back of the card).

This pairing of tea cup with saucer and book will make a lovely gift for any woman–tea drinker or not! Though I am not a coffee drinker, I am sure that coffee or any other beverage, for that matter will taste just as elegant as a spot of tea in the lovely cups.

It was actually one of my mother’s last wishes and I believe that we can all learn from her wise words…

Don’t Save the Good China!

One day when my mother was lying in her hospital bed ill with cancer, she decided that life was much too short to save the good china for special occasions. She vowed that when she got home, she would start using her fancy dishes stored away in her china cabinet. Sadly, my mother never made it home from the hospital to use her china, but we can all learn from her. Let’s use our good china with joy. And make sure to have regular family dinners, too; they certainly show your love for your family. Most importantly, strive to make every day a celebration of life. Having a joyful heart is contagious and will help all those around us, too.

[excerpt from the book, but paraphrased a bit to fit on the back of the card]

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! You can learn more about purchasing the “pair” (tea cup and book) here. Scroll down a little on that web page.

By the way, don’t you just love the cover of the book?

Here is the publisher’s description of the book:

As an award-winning author, TV host of EWTN’s “Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms,” “Catholic Mom’s Cafe,” and “Feeding Your Family’s Soul,” mother of five and grandmother, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is well aware of the difficulties women face today as they balance all their responsibilities and struggle to find time for prayer.
This book will affirm women on their journey while celebrating the strength, dignity, and specific gifts of women in the context of the faith. Donna-Marie offers words of encouragement, as well as traditional and original prayers for women who are single, married, mothers, consecrated women, and single mothers, while straightforwardly addressing specific difficulties in women’s lives, with prayers for stress, complicated pregnancies, and walking through divorce. Words from Mother Teresa, St. John Paul II, saints and mystics enrich the text with inspiration.

Bragging about my daughter

I’ve never written a blog post like this before. But, why not? Moms have bragging rights. 🙂 I’d like to share a bit about my oldest daughter Chaldea. If you’ve read any of my books, you might recall that she was the teen ager who gifted me with that special secret gift on my late November birthday many years ago. It was the note in the envelope she left on my dresser. Remember that? She had placed inside her own babysitting money which she gifted to me to help with Christmas presents. I was a single mother at that time and I was moved so much by her big heart.
I’d like to pass along a link to my daughter’s Etsy shop. My daughter Chaldea (aged 35) is an artist and has illustrated 3 of my books (The Heart of Motherhood, The cover of The Domestic Church, and all of the sweet baby illustrations in Prayerfully Expecting).
Chaldea’s work is very wholesome and family oriented. She is also an organic farmer with her feet firmly planted on the ground! In addition, she has a sweet and whimsical book she wrote and illustrated called “Farm House.”



Please pass along her Etsy website address to anyone you know who might be interested in ordering her artwork. Her greeting cards are amazing, if I may say so myself. Supporting her in her vocation of art helps to keep her at home with her one and a half year old son, Shepherd, my sweet grandson.



I know I am bragging (but that’s what Moms do!).  While I am at it, I want to also mention that Chaldea is multi-talented. She is not only a sweet wife and mother, she plays many musical instruments, knits, farms, paints, illustrates, and works in many forms of art.


Take a look at her art here: She also sells her art at many week end festivals. She is known for her whimsical characters in her paintings and greeting cards.

Thanks for letting me share about my daughter. 🙂 I will also link her website to this website and my other one.