Please pray for a dear friend!

Please pray for my dear friend Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. who could use our prayers. I was so blessed to spend time with him recently and he sends his very best, by the way. He thanks you very much for your prayers and he prays for you. Thank you dear Friends for keeping him in your prayers. EWTN announced on television yesterday that dear Father is in his last days. The CFR Friars put it this way: “Please pray for him as he is preparing to journey to the house of Our Father.”

Won’t you join me in praying for him? If you’d like you can start the Christmas novena that starts Novemeber 30th, the feast of St. Andrew (Fr. Andrew’s name day–St. Andrew!). Thank you in advance for praying. Here is the prayer:

Beginning on St. Andrew the Apostle’s feast day, November 30, the following beautiful prayer is traditionally recited fifteen times a day until Christmas. This is a very meditative prayer that helps us increase our awareness of the real focus of Christmas and helps us prepare ourselves spiritually for His coming (from the EWTN website).

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born Of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold. In that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, O my God, to hear my prayer and grant my desires, 
[here mention your request]

through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His blessed Mother. Amen.

It is piously believed that whoever recites the St. Andrew Christmas novena prayer FIFTEEN times each day from the feast of St. Andrew (November 30th) until Christmas Eve will obtain the favor requested.

God bless you!

“Angels of God” Fr. Andrew Apostoli talks about the Angels

My dear friend Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. talks about the Angels on this show on EWTN: Sunday Night Prime. He was reiterating some of the things we had said on our Angel show prior to this one and mentioned some things that we ran out of time to talk about. We have done two Angel shows together.

One thing that Fr. Andrew reminds us that I mentioned in our previous Angel conversation is that our Guardian Angel brings us at least three things:

!) PEACE when we are troubled or suffering.
2) PENITENCE from our sins, encouraging us to make reparation
3) INSPIRING US TO PRAY to be strengthened and enlightened.

Take a look here below to watch the show:


Donna-Marie talking about Lent, “Part Two” on Sunday Night Prime

The second part of the Lenten discussions that I had with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. is here below on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime. The second part offers prayers and tips for families and all those journeying through Lent. It is focused on the teachings of St. John Paul II and Pope Francis. I hope that you enjoy it.


Upcoming shows EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime!

I just found out that my other visit with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R will air before the one I told you about. Here is the schedule:

Sun. Feb. 26 at 8:00 PM
Mon. Feb. 27 at 4:00 AM
Mon. Feb. 27 at 9:00 AM
PT. 1

Fr. Apostoli welcomes Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle to discuss Mother Teresa, St. Therese, and the Lenten season.
Sun. Mar. 05 at 8:00 PM
Mon. Mar. 06 at 4:00 AM
Mon. Mar. 06 at 9:00 AM
PT. 2

Here is the link to the EWTN website.

I hope you can tape it or watch at those times. It isn’t noted on the EWTN website, but one of the shows is about St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis. The other is noted, which is about Mother Teresa and St. Therese.

Catching up and stuff!

I have been working non-stop on a very important book project. It’s a children’s Fatima book! It’s has been an inspiration on my heart to write it and I feel blessed to do so to teach children and their families about the amazing messages of Our Lady of Fatima. This book will help them to learn and LIVE the messages. I am taking a short break from the book writing right now to write this blog post! Then, I will get right back to it and work hard to complete the writing and get it off to the publisher and out to be printed so that in the very near future you can have it in your own hands to read to yourself and also perhaps to a child you love. It is a book that is not only appropriate for this 100th anniversary year of Our Lady’s messages, but for beyond this year as well. As soon as I have a cover image I’ll be happy to reveal it to you.

As you might know my other Fatima book titled, Our Lady of Fatima: 100 Years of Stories, Prayers, and Devotions is due to be released in March! You can see it right here on Amazon. It has been ranked the Number One bestseller in the “New Releases of Christian Mariology” for quite some time. That tells me that people want to learn the message of Fatima! You can see it here at my website for pre-order. Each copy will be autographed and will come with a blessed Miraculous Medal.

My pilgrimage to Fatima and Poland is September 17th to the 27th and will be an exciting grace-filled trip for this 100th anniversary year! Fatima expert Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R will be the spiritual guide for the trip. There is information here.

On another note, I will be on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime soon on March 5th (with a couple of re-airs). I’ll be away that week end on a speaking trip in Lafayette, LA, so you will see it before me. 🙂




We are speaking about my Lenten books and the Lenten season within the family. Here is the information:

“Fr. Apostoli welcomes Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle to discuss Mother Teresa, St. Therese, and the Lenten season.”

Sun. Mar. 05 at 8:00 PM

Mon. Mar. 06 at 4:00 AM

Mon. Mar. 06 at 9:00 AM

I hope that you can tune in or tape it.

PLEASE pray for my book writing! You are in my prayers too. God bless!

Feeding Your Family’s Soul on EWTN plus surprise news!



In case you didn’t get a chance to see Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R and me recently on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime discussing the family and my new book Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality, you can see it here and also below:





I have some happy news for you. I am excited to tell you that I have created a new television show for EWTN titled “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”! They will be short 2 minute shows filled with inspiration, encouragement, and the Catholic tools for today’s families. I’ll be going to the EWTN network soon to film forty shows! Yes, that’s right–forty! I’ll begin with those and go from there.

So, please keep me in your prayers to do a good job in presenting the Catholic tools and encouragement to Catholic parents and grandparents.

In addition, did you see my new website “Feeding Your Family’s Soul”? I created it recently to have a specific place to aid Catholic families. I’ll be building upon it steadily with all kinds of valuable information for the family, news about my shows, and wholesome recipes for family life, as well as food recipes too! Take a look here.

feeding-your-family_cover_finalMay God bless you and keep you!


Your Angel Questions

Fr. Andrew Apostoli and I recently did our second Angel show together for EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime. I now have the link to the show in case you’d like to watch it. I find that the world of Angels is utterly fascinating. I hope you enjoy the show!


In case you missed it, you can see our first Angel show here…
VISIT TO “SUNDAY NIGHT PRIME” discussing the holy Angels with Fr. Andrew Apostoli:

Running through March

March has been a busy month–making my way through Lent and giving Lenten talks in various places. One was in Lafayette, LA.






Donna-Marie attending an evening event in Lafayette with Pastor Fr. Michael Russo and EWTN’s Johnnette Benkovic.



While attending the evening event, Donna-Marie “bumped into” Fr. Peter John Cameron, O. P. the Editor in Chief of Magnificat Magazine.


Another event was in Toronto, Canada. I key noted there and gave two talks.



Donna-Marie speaking about demands for perfection women face and a mother’s call to holiness at the Dynamic Women of Faith conference in Toronto, Canada


It was wonderful meeting the hundreds of women gathered together to nourish their faith.





Taking a moment to pose with a sweet Sister of Life who also gave a talk at the conference.

A speaking event in Naples, Florida, Mother Angelica’s passing, Sunday Night Prime

Now that Easter has just passed, I must gear up for speaking to a wonderful group of Catholic women in Florida later this week. Please keep me in your prayers. Please also pray for all of the women who will attend the event in Naples, Florida as well as all of the women who have attended the events this month.

Just yesterday on Easter Sunday, EWTN’s Mother Angelica passed on to her Eternal Reward. As sad as it is that she is no longer with us, I think it is very beautiful that she was taken home to heaven on Easter Sunday. She will be sorely missed, but no doubt, she will be working even harder from her post in heaven to bring souls to the Lord.

Here is an article in which I was quoted.

Coming up very soon is my appearance along with the wonderful Fr. Andrew Apostoli on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime on April 3rd and 4th.



On this show, we are discussing the holy Angels for the second time. This show will be a kind of continuation of our first show. I hope that you can tune in. Here is a bit more information about the show.


Even throughout my busyness, I am still very inspired to create my Prayerfully Hoping & Expecting novena bracelets to celebrate and pray for human life. Each bracelet contains nine beads to represent a novena as well as the nine months of a pregnancy. They are for every woman. They can be prayed on for your unborn baby and yourself, to conceive a child, for adoption, for your children and grandchildren, and for all unborn babies to not be killed in abortion. New designs are continually crafted and are available for purchase from my webiste.

Here are just a few of the new designs here. You can check out others here at my website.







I am also happy to mention that the EWTN’s Religious Catalogue carries my bracelets in their catalogue. I have created an exclusive design for them called “Bracelet For Life.” It’s here:


Bracelet For Life



Fr. Andrew Apostoli talks about the Angels and my book

Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. talks about the Angels on his EWTN TV show “Sunday Night Prime.” He mentions me and my book “Angels For Kids” We previously did a show together about the Angels and Father was following up with more information in this show below.

We will be doing another Angel show very soon. Stay tuned!

Sharing a blogger’s reflection on “Angels for Kids”

A blogger homeschooling Mama of five shares about my Angels for Kids book:

We started our next book, “Angels for Kids” by Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle. Let me tell you, I have only read ahead a few chapters (because I am a busy mama and I just don’t have the time or energy to read all the way ahead! I am a self-professed ‘non-reader’ anyway–I prefer to do all kinds of other things before I choose to sit down and read a book. Reading is great, I admit, but I still prefer lots of other things to reading), but I am really impressed with this book.

First of all, Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle addresses the book to her young audience. She speaks to them in her introduction, and continues with a friendly and easy-to-understand tone throughout the chapters.

Second, it is full of beautiful Scripture references and stories of the Angels. Each chapter is full of verses, leaving no doubts that not only should we believe in the Angels, but God has given us His own words about them so that we might believe. I also like that each chapter begins with a short verse. I am using some of them as copywork for my children, and hope to also use them in prayer to help memorize verses.

Third, Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle also references teachings of the saints and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Our history is rich in belief about the angels! She helps that young readers understand and appreciate the rich traditions we have, and by the end of the book, have a new appreciation and (hopefully) a deepening respect for (and even relationship with!) the angels.

To date, we have finished the first two chapters. (Chapter Three, “What Angels Look Like”, is on the agenda later today) Chapter One, “A Multitude of Angels”, tells us all about who the angels are and are not, (they are not fairies!), and what they do. In short, the angels are in God’s service, to aid us in attaining salvation. How fabulous is that? To finish up chapter one, I created copywork sheets for my girls with Hebrews 1:14, “Are not all angels spirits in the divine service, sent to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?” I made another for my 5yr old, with his name, “angel”, and “St. Michael the Archangel”.

Chapter Two, “Angels in the Bible”, might be the longest chapter in the book. From creation in Genesis to Revelation, stories with angels are re-told. Even though this was a long chapter to read aloud, and I wondered at times if my kids were beginning to day dream, I loved this chapter. I know the angels are in the Bible; I have heard the stories all my life. Probably everyone can at least name the Angel Gabriel, who announces the birth of Jesus. And yet, I was delighted to be reminded of not only Gabriel, but all the other angels who play a role in the lives of so many. I had many “oh yeah!” moments while reading this chapter. To finish up chapter two, my 5 yr old retold a favorite story and illustrated it, and the girls illustrated their favorite angel story.

I am keeping it simple as we read and “study” these books this year. Not only to do not have abundant time for coming up with elaborate crafts and activities, but I want our mini family “book club” to be relaxed, casual, and enjoyable. Here and there I’ll come up with a craft or recipe, I’m sure (‘cuz that’s how I roll), but at the same time, it is nice to have a family read that isn’t part of our syllabus and isn’t crying out to be enhanced with Pinterest-worth crafts. It’s the reading together that counts!

Well, that is wonderful, Gina! Thank you for sharing my book on your blog. I pray that your family is thoroughly blessed!

Angels protect us!

A woman named Kerry Bevins recently wrote to me and expressed her happiness over seeing my recent visit on EWTN’s “Sunday Night Prime” discussing the holy Angels. She said, “I have just watched your program on You Tube from last night. The baby slept in my arms as I watched. I learned so much. We see so many angel decorations, people collect angel figures, yet to me they always remained so abstract. Thank you so much for this wonderful program.”

You can see the show on You Tube video here.

Talking about the Angels

Talking about the Angels


Here’s a description of my Angels for Kids book which is available on this website:

The invisible world of angels is so often overlooked, though it has been present since before the dawn of Creation, offering attentive service and protection to humankind. Based on Catholic teaching, Angels for Kids offers proof of the true existence of angels while dispelling prevalent contemporary myths.

This inspiring book will open the eyes and hearts of youth and their families to a greater awareness of the unseen world, as well as provide warm encouragement to keep company with the incredible angelic friends who unceasingly glorify God and who have been a significant part of salvation history; protecting Jesus throughout His life, announcing heaven’s plans, and guiding and protecting the faithful. A chapter of special prayers to the angels completes the book.

Angels for Kids

Angels for Kids

“Science calls us to believe in the unseeable – black holes in space, which cannot ever be seen. They believe in black holes because of anomalous behavior in space. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others believe in angels because of anomalous behaviors we experience in life’s events and God’s Revelation in Scripture. We do well to introduce children to these facts, along with astronomical facts, to prepare them for a mature spiritual life. This book is such an introduction, and parents might be reminded of their own angels as they read with their children.” ~Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.