The Beauty of the Cross this week on Women of Grace

I didn’t get a chance to mention that I am visiting on EWTN’s Women of Grace this week. Each day it airs at 11:00 AM ET and 11:30 PM ET. I hope you can tune in.

We are discussing my memoir The Kiss of Jesus and the twists and turns of my life and how they helped to shape my life.

I never expected this.


“I am that man that you mentioned in your life…”

What was that? How could he be?

Allow me to back up a bit to explain…

When I wrote my book The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and The Saints Helped Me To Discover The Beauty of The Cross I deeply desired to offer a huge dose of hope to those who had suffered from any form of abuse or have suffered in some way. I had learned along the way that it is important to share about our struggles and God’s redeeming grace so that others could be helped. I wanted to share the power of prayer and God’s grace, especially in the dark corners of life.

As well, I hoped to get across the need to forgive. I figured that though my memoir was written for men and women, that perhaps the majority of the people my book would most likely impact would be women. Since the release of my memoir, I have heard from countless women who have thanked me and told me that they were changed for the better by reading The Kiss of Jesus. I was not looking for thanks but I am praising God for His mercy and love and for working through me to help others. I am deeply thankful.

But, I never expected to hear from an eighty five year old man who recently wrote me a letter.

“I am that man that you mentioned in your life…”

I had to stop and think…

I read further through a bit of shaky writing and then realized that this man had seen me on EWTN talking about my life, struggles and suffering. He had recognized himself in my story.

Wow. His letter was extremely powerful for me to read. My heart was deeply touched as I continued to read his words. He explained that after watching me on EWTN he knew that he needed to ask God to help him and to also forgive him. The man thanked me for helping him to find “peace and serenity” now at eighty five years old.

He wrote so much more and ended his letter by thanking me for my “suffering…” He said, “Now, I know what my wife went through.”

Oh, dear God, please continue to help this man and anyone who has suffered or is suffering. Please grant them the graces they need to forgive and to be forgiven. Thank you dear Lord for your LOVE. Amen.



Visiting with Wendy Weis about dear Mother Teresa

honey-teaRecently I had the pleasure of speaking again with Relevant Radio’s lovely Wendy Weis who was so gracious to rearrange our visit due to my grueling schedule with all of the media interviews about Mother Teresa.

You can hear our chat here.

Please move the little marker to the 23:45 mark to hear my segment which is in the second part of Wendy’s show. Or listen to the whole thing.

It’s always special to chat with Wendy. We feel like we are sitting down and chatting over a cup of tea. 🙂


Remembering Mother Teresa…

Remembering Mother…

get-attachment.aspxDistinct details of meeting Blessed Teresa of Calcutta the first time remain etched in my memory. Her height, or lack thereof, especially struck me. Being short in stature and hunched over, she appeared a bit frail. But I was totally convinced that this “little” woman was a passionate powerhouse of faith, hope and love! I knew that along with God’s grace, she was responsible for incredible transformations in the lives of the “poorest of the poor,” all over the world.

My heart soared one summer morning, when straight after a Mass I attended with the Missionaries of Charity sisters, Mother Teresa approached me. I was immediately filled with an incredible peace. The tireless servant of the poor took time from her duties to speak to me about my children.

She asked if my daughter Jessica (who was secure in my arms so she wouldn’t get into trouble!) was the “baby who was singing at Mass?” (No doubt, her polite way of saying she was aware of my continuous tip-toeing in and out of Mass with my restless little one!) Then, she told me, “Your children are very fortunate to have a family.” I felt compelled to tell her that I was very fortunate to be their mother. At that time I had three children on earth and three in heaven.

Mother Teresa was accustomed to rescuing babies and children from the dust bins in Calcutta, India, disposed of by their dying parents. She took them in, gave them love and care, and placed them within families yearning for children.

822643p13567EDNMain65880513_mteresaBlessed Teresa never mothered a child biologically, but she in so many ways spiritually mothered countless people all around the globe. She indeed became a mother to me. Mother Teresa begged for all unwanted babies whose mothers contemplated abortion and said she’d care for them herself. She opened our eyes and hearts to the needy around us whom we should “mother.”

[See the entire article here]

Donna-Marie to present at the Knights of Columbus Museum

The Knigmother-teresahts of Columbus Museum
will celebrate the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta with a series of events beginning Friday, Sept. 2, 2016.
The original of the official canonization portrait will be received at the Museum in a ceremony at 10:15 a.m. Titled “St. Teresa of Calcutta: Carrier of God’s Love,” the painting was commissioned as a gift to the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order founded in 1950 by Mother Teresa. Painted by Chas Fagan, a Yale University alum living in North Carolina, the portrait was selected by the Mother Teresa Center as the official image that will be draped from the façade of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City during the Sept. 4 canonization ceremony.

In addition to the painting, the Knights of Columbus has donated more than a million holy cards bearing the official image for distribution in St. Peter’s Square on canonization day. Printed at the Knights of Columbus printing plant in New Haven, an estimated 500,000 more cards are being printed for distribution by Missionaries of Charity at their various homes and centers.

Also on Sept. 2, a relic of Mother Teresa will be available for public veneration from 12-4 p.m. The relic may be venerated Sept. 3-7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except Sept. 6, when veneration will continue until 7 p.m.

The Museum will welcome Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle for a presentation on Mother Teresa’s spirituality and mission Sunday, Sept. 4, at 2 p.m. In addition, she will do a book signing of her books. Donna-Marie will also be present on September 2, 2016 and available for interviews that morning. Donna-Marie was blessed to know Mother Teresa for ten years. She is a popular speaker and author of several books, including “Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship,” “The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me To Discover the Beauty of the Cross,” and “Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa.”

The Museum’s display, “Mother Teresa: Saint of the Streets,” continues until Nov. 6, however the original painting is available to be viewed for only a limited time. It is to be formally presented at the Mother Teresa Center in Rome at an undetermined date.

Happy birthday Mother Teresa!

Today is Mother Teresa’s birthday! She has so much to teach us! I never tire speaking about her or writing about her. I will post some of the recent radio interviews very soon. I’ll also be in various places speaking about the saint of the gutters.

Here we are sharing a beautiful moment together when I was pregnant for my son Joseph almost twenty nine years ago.




Meanwhile, I thought that today I’d post an excerpt from three of my books on Mother Teresa.


This excerpt is from my book Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa:





Here is an excerpt from my book Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship:


Mother Teresa and Me

And here is one from The Kiss of Jesus How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me To Discover the Beauty of the Cross:



I pray that dear Mother Teresa will intercede for all of us today!

Chatting about dear Mother Teresa on Son Rise Morning

This morning I chatted with sweet Anna Mitchell on the Son Rise Morning Show on Sacred Heart Radio. I love doing my regular segment on “Mother Teresa and Mercy” every First Friday in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today we focused on Mother Teresa’s upcoming canonization and my friendship with her.

Here is our short radio chat this morning. I hope that you enjoy it.

The Kiss of Jesus on EWTN’s Bookmark

71E3vNvwhBLThis Bookmark episode (above) was filmed last summer at the Catholic Marketing network and is comprised of two segments. I am in the second segment. You can scroll the little marker to the halfway point or watch the whole show. Below, I am standing with EWTN’s Bookmark Host and my good friend Doug Keck after filming our program.

You can click on the book cover image to see more about the book as well as ordering information at my “book” page.Bookmark_Memoir_CMN_2015

You can also view the show here on EWTN’s YouTube page and here at the EWTN Bookmark web page.

Enjoy the show and please share it with your friends and family.


God often surprises us!

I never tire of God’s amazing surprises. How could I possibly? I often preach that one should not worry if you can’t get out of your house to evangelize due to your duties with small children, elderly parents, or sickness, or other important reasons. I always say that God will BRING the evangelizing opportunities to YOU!

Recently, when I was home working on my writing, way back in the woods here in rural Connecticut, I heard the sound of a horn blowing out in my driveway.

Who could that be and why is that person blowing the horn? I wondered.

I got up from my computer and away from my percolating thoughts about my writing to check it out. I went outside my front door to see a man sitting in his truck with the window rolled down.

“Can I help you with something?” I called out. I felt a tad annoyed that he had honked his horn which had “disturbed” me, calling me outside to see what was up.

“Yes,” he said.

So, I ventured towards his truck, still feeling a bit put out. He got out of his truck and showed me his credentials. It turned out that he had come to my home representing the electric company who wanted to trim some trees in my property that could be interfering with the electrical wires. I had no problem with that and agreed that I would sign the release to give my permission.

But, what unfolded in our conversation was fascinating. I would not have imagined it earlier on but God has an amazing way of keeping life interesting. It began with me commenting on the beauty of the day. The man–his name is Hector, lamented that he couldn’t be at his home on the deck with “a couple of cold ones” to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful weather. He was instead busy with his work.

Well, I went into talking about the importance of our work (always having my dear friend Fr. John A. Hardon’s sentiments ringing in my ear: “There’s work to be done!”) and the fact that I work constantly. I didn’t go so far as to say, “There’s no rest for the weary!” though, as I am known to say. But, the conversation unfolded about faith and prayer because I ended up telling him that I was an author and worked all day on my writing from my home most times and then if I am not writing, I travel all around the world to speak.

I was NOT planning to say any of this. It’s just how it happened.

He wanted to know more. He asked what kind of author I was and I told him I was a Catholic author and that I love to inspire faith in others. Very gently–so I wouldn’t hurt his feelings or seem judgmental–I went on to say that I believe that what is more important than sitting and relaxing and “having a couple of cold ones” is the great importance of getting across to others that life is short and we need to be ready–we need to help get others ready to meet God!  I felt so passionate about sharing this with this complete stranger!

Hector’s face lit up.

“You didn’t think you would have this kind of conversation today, did you?” I asked him.

“No! But it is refreshing! I mostly hear from disgruntled people using the ‘F-word’ complaining to me about their trees!”

Hector suddenly seemed deep in thought. Then he told me that he just lost a friend and co-worker on Easter week end. He said he was directing traffic at a job site and was killed when hit by a car. He seemed very troubled about losing that man on that particular holy week end and said it was so hard.

“We never know what tomorrow might bring. It’s important to get our lives straightened out today,” I told him.

Hector then shared a very personal story about someone he knew who got into trouble in the past and now after prison, tries very hard to help others. I’m sure that neither one of us expected to have such a conversation that day. It was seemingly out of the blue. God is so good to us to provide these types of amazing opportunities for His grace to work in our hearts.

I believe that it all starts with our prayer of the Morning Offering, asking God to use all of our prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of the day and asking Him to sanctify them and use them for His glory.

He does!


posted with his permission

My new friend walked away that day with a very hearty hand shake, a promise of prayers for him and his family, as well as a signed copy of my memoir The Kiss of Jesus. And, let’s not forget, the four blessed Miraculous Medals–one for him, his wife, and his two children.

“Mother Teresa and Mercy”: Offering forgiveness and showing mercy even when it’s difficult


I recently spoke with Anna Mitchell on Son Rise Morning Show. We continued our series on “Mother Teresa and Mercy” during this Year of Mercy. We talked about offering forgiveness and mercy at home and why it is important to do so. Take a listen to the interview here.

Running through March

March has been a busy month–making my way through Lent and giving Lenten talks in various places. One was in Lafayette, LA.






Donna-Marie attending an evening event in Lafayette with Pastor Fr. Michael Russo and EWTN’s Johnnette Benkovic.



While attending the evening event, Donna-Marie “bumped into” Fr. Peter John Cameron, O. P. the Editor in Chief of Magnificat Magazine.


Another event was in Toronto, Canada. I key noted there and gave two talks.



Donna-Marie speaking about demands for perfection women face and a mother’s call to holiness at the Dynamic Women of Faith conference in Toronto, Canada


It was wonderful meeting the hundreds of women gathered together to nourish their faith.





Taking a moment to pose with a sweet Sister of Life who also gave a talk at the conference.

A speaking event in Naples, Florida, Mother Angelica’s passing, Sunday Night Prime

Now that Easter has just passed, I must gear up for speaking to a wonderful group of Catholic women in Florida later this week. Please keep me in your prayers. Please also pray for all of the women who will attend the event in Naples, Florida as well as all of the women who have attended the events this month.

Just yesterday on Easter Sunday, EWTN’s Mother Angelica passed on to her Eternal Reward. As sad as it is that she is no longer with us, I think it is very beautiful that she was taken home to heaven on Easter Sunday. She will be sorely missed, but no doubt, she will be working even harder from her post in heaven to bring souls to the Lord.

Here is an article in which I was quoted.

Coming up very soon is my appearance along with the wonderful Fr. Andrew Apostoli on EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime on April 3rd and 4th.



On this show, we are discussing the holy Angels for the second time. This show will be a kind of continuation of our first show. I hope that you can tune in. Here is a bit more information about the show.


Even throughout my busyness, I am still very inspired to create my Prayerfully Hoping & Expecting novena bracelets to celebrate and pray for human life. Each bracelet contains nine beads to represent a novena as well as the nine months of a pregnancy. They are for every woman. They can be prayed on for your unborn baby and yourself, to conceive a child, for adoption, for your children and grandchildren, and for all unborn babies to not be killed in abortion. New designs are continually crafted and are available for purchase from my webiste.

Here are just a few of the new designs here. You can check out others here at my website.







I am also happy to mention that the EWTN’s Religious Catalogue carries my bracelets in their catalogue. I have created an exclusive design for them called “Bracelet For Life.” It’s here:


Bracelet For Life



My visits on Women of Grace!


I was blessed to have visited with Johnnette Benkovic, host of EWTN’s Women of Grace television show. The shows aired this past week. In case you weren’t able to tune in due to some schedule changes with EWTN’s Pope Francis visit to Mexico coverage, here is a link in which you can view all five shows at your leisure.

I hope that you will enjoy the shows. I suggest you try to watch them soon while they are live on the website.

Women of Grace this week on EWTN this week


This week February 15-19 my visits with Johnnette Benkovic will air on EWTN TV.

This is the normal schedule: EWTN TV at 11 AM EST, Monday through Friday and re-airs each evening at 11:30 PM EST.

But, as I scrolled through the week’s schedule to tape them in advance, I noticed that the show will air tomorrow (Monday) at 10:00 AM ET, not at the normal 11:00 AM ET time. And I noticed that it might not air on Tuesday due to Pope Francis coverage. But, I am not totally sure. That could be just my area. Check it out on your cable.

Hopefully you will be able to tune in and see what Johnnete and I have to share with you. You might be surprised!


Catching up!

I haven’t had a chance to blog lately. I’ve had many things to report, but alas, no time in which to write them down. I’ll probably end up doing video blog posts – much better on my wrists (due to all of the typing I’m always doing and my joint pain). But then again, I’d have to put some make up on and get dressed up (at least a bit better than I am usually in my home office out here in the rural woods of Connecticut)!

Just kidding. I don’t really have to do that. You probably wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t dressed up and didn’t have make up on when delivering a message to you. After all, I am all about keeping it real. But, I think you know what I mean. The videoing requires some thinking and planning too. I’d also have to make sure that my office is clean! 😉 So, for now, I’ll simply type away and fill you in a little, at least.

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to the EWTN television network in Irondale, Alabama. There I met with Johnnette Benkovic and we were together on the set and chatted while five shows were filmed on Women of Grace. They will air in the near future and I’ll keep you posted on that.

It was wonderful to see Johnnette again and to share about the crooked path in my life and my memoir The Kiss of Jesus. We discussed some pretty intense issues. These are issues that affect countless women all around the world. I am praying that these shows will impact women’s lives and even help them to heal from deep wounds or at least get them headed in the direction of healing. Please pray for the people who will watch the shows.


In other news, I’m working on some exciting things at the moment as I continue the fight against the four tick-borne diseases I have been plagued with.

I’ll be back to give you more updates when time allows but I need to get to some deadline writing work right now. May God bless you and keep you!

My interview on Salt and Light TV/Radio

I was recently on Salt and Light TV/Radio. The interview is here. After listening to the first few minutes of introduction by Deacon Pedro, you can scroll through to the 23 minute mark which starts the 2nd half of the show. That’s where you will hear my interview about my life of struggles and joy, meeting Mother Teresa, and my memoir The Kiss of Jesus.71E3vNvwhBL

Exciting news about Mother Teresa’s upcoming canonization!

Today is a special day for me as it is the anniversary of my Baptism!
It’s special in another way too. Upon waking up this morning I learned of the news that Pope Francis had approved of the miracle (the 2nd one) which means that Mother Teresa can be canonized now during the Year of Mercy!
Here is a link to hear the short LIVE radio show I did this morning shortly after being asked by the producer to get on the airwaves.
Donna_CatholicTV_SkypeAfter that radio interview, I had to get ready for a LIVE national TV interview on Boston’s Catholic TV (yes, that means putting on a little make up) while enduring a migraine and dealing with some lighting issues.
Suddenly, for no apparent reason the lights in my dining room where I wanted to do the interview were not working! I came up with quick a solution and brought a floor lamp in from the living room. That worked fine. The link to that TV interview is here.
Here is a story that Elizabeth Scalia at Aleteia did after interviewing me today.
I hope that you are also enjoying the news about Mother Teresa and that you will enjoy these media clips.

Life is always interesting!

Life is always interesting even when living where I do, way back in the woods of rural Connecticut. Even when I am stuck in the house without a car and recovering from a fever, chills, and pain I had the other day–life is always fascinating.

I often tell my audiences when I am out speaking that they shouldn’t worry if they can’t get out of the house to do their ministry work or evangelizing for any reason because God will certainly bring the people to them!

This morning my elderly neighbor’s cleaning lady knocked on my door to tell me that my neighbor’s phone was not working and asked if I could kindly make a couple of calls for her. I then realized that my landline was not working either. But I could use my cell phone to make the calls. One call was to alert the phone company about the outages. That took some time as the technician checked everything out over the phone on my neighbor’s line and mine. I was happy to help my neighbor Bev since she is in her eighties and has had a couple of strokes. She definitely needs her phone to be working.

After some checking, the phone company woman on the other end of the call was able to send a signal to the phone lines and surprisingly fixed them. Though the phones seemed to be working fine, she said she’d leave the order in for a repairman to come to the houses today just in case they went out again. I thought it was a good idea even though I didn’t have time to be dealing with this today. The phones did go out again, but they came back on shortly after.

Soon after, my phone rang and it was my neighbor Bev. We hadn’t talked in a couple of weeks or more because her schedule had changed due to some health issues with both she and her husband and I had not wanted to disturb with a phone call in case they might be resting. So it was very nice to speak with Bev. We caught up on the phone for a few minutes and decided to get together for tea after Thanksgiving. I told Bev that I was happy that we had a problem with our phones today so that I could have the opportunity to speak with her.

After that, I got back to my work and then another phone call came in. This time it was the phone company repairman. He asked if the phones were working. I told him that they were fixed by the phone company woman during the phone call. He told me that he would check it out by going to the telephone pole and box down the road and then he’d stop by the house. He warned me that the phones might go out again but I shouldn’t be alarmed because it might just be him tinkering with the connections and wires.

“It’s a good thing I don’t have a radio show today,” I said. “I do regular radio shows from my telephone,” I explained.

The man asked, “Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“Not at all,” I reassured.

“Did you write a book?” He inquired.

“Is your name Dave?” I fired right back.

I instantly recalled an entire scenario that had transpired years prior in which a phone man showed up at my house when my phone was completely fine. He told me all about his life-changing experience, and after a while, left with a copy of one of my books and a couple of blessed Miraculous Medals.

“Yes!” he said. He added that he’d see me within the hour. We said “good bye” and hung up. I could tell that he was so surprised that we mysteriously reconnected after an interesting encounter years ago. Truth be told, I was very surprised too!

Wait a minute. Pausing. I thought, Isn’t he in my Miraculous Medal book? He is, I know he is.

I ran up to my office to get a copy of the book to check. Yes, indeed, he was there right under the subtitle, “The Phone Man.” I took the book downstairs because I planned to give it to Dave when I would see him.

Wow. God never ceases to amaze me!

Dave arrived at my front door and we heartily shook hands to greet one another, smiling, happy to see one another again.

“Wow, you know those Mir–a–cle Medals you gave me?” Dave asked.

“The Miraculous Medals?” I asked him. I couldn’t help smiling at his slight change of the word. “Yes, I remember. I gave you two – one for you and one for your son.”

“Well, those medals sure are powerful!” My son keeps his in his wallet. I keep circulating the one you gave me to each person in the family who needs it. It really works!” He explained.

“I’ll need to give you more blessed medals so you won’t have to keep passing the one around.”

I also explained that it is best to wear the medal around the neck if possible. The Blessed Mother actually said that great graces will be received when it is worn around the neck. I gave Dave a little more history while we both stood on the sidewalk outside my front door. I kept moving a bit to get into the sunshine since the temperature seemed to be dropping and I was still feeling a bit sick.

Then I told Dave that he was in my Miraculous Medal book. He was so surprised, he couldn’t believe it.

“Wow, I am really blown away to know that I am in your book.”

“Yes, your story is inspiring people all over the world,” I told him.

“I can’t believe it–wow” he said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you where you are in the book,” I teased, “so that you will read the whole thing and learn the history of the Miraculous Medal and about St. Catherine Laboure.”

I handed the book to Dave and he expressed his gratitude. I did point out the location of his story. He read it and smiled. I ran to grab a copy of my memoir too, The Kiss of Jesus as well as five blessed Miraculous Medals and a bunch of blessed St. Benedict medals. I told him about the power in a St. Benedict Medal, also explaining that there is nothing superstitious about it. I gave him a few leaflets that explained the origin.

We chatted a bit. We talked about Miraculous Medals, families, life, and Dave told me that every night he thanks God for his life. When we first met he had shared about a harrowing experience. He is thankful to be alive.

I asked if I could take his picture. I also asked his permission to blog about it later. He happily obliged and gave his permission to post his photo. I reminded him that God is always in control and that it was very interesting that both times that he came to my house there was really no problem with the phone. But, I believe that God wanted Dave to receive the blessed medals and books so God brought him here to my house.

Dave made a point to mention that it had been 4 or 5 years ago when he came to my house the first time and he said today was the only other time that he worked in this area.

Just then, Dave gazed down at both books he held in his hands and said, “I didn’t come here to help you with the phones. It is very clear to me now that I came here for you to help me. God is in charge!”



Life is a holy adventure! God is always in control!

Spending time with Tony Rossi on “Christopher Close Up!”




I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Tony Rossi of “Christopher Close Up.” He wrote a lovely review as well. Here is his review:

Beautiful Threads of Grace Are Woven Through Life, Even in Times of Suffering

“Jesus, help me, please,” prayed a then-teenage Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle in a state of terror as her fiancé Matthew (not his real name) forced a gun into her hand and tried to get her to kill him.

Matthew was an ex-Marine and Vietnam veteran who had been a leader in O’Boyle’s Catholic parish and she believed that he would make a good husband. But then something snapped inside him and he suffered a nervous breakdown. With several guns, including a machine gun, in his home, he threatened to kill O’Boyle and her family if she ever left him. Fearful of what would happen, she stayed put, but kept trying to come up with ways that she could safely escape this situation.

One day, Matthew lunged at her, forced a pistol into her hand, got her finger on the trigger, and pushed her to shoot him. Tears streamed down O’Boyle’s face because, even though she wanted to get away from Matthew, she didn’t want to kill him. That’s when she prayed, “Jesus, help me, please.”

During an interview on “Christopher Closeup” about her new memoir “The Kiss of Jesus,” O’Boyle recalled, “Jesus did help me because [Matthew] got up immediately off my lap, threw the gun against the wall and ran out of the room screaming all kinds of crazy things. He came right back, picked up the gun and put it in his pocket. I had to sit there and not make one sound, one move, one blink, one breath – and then try to stay clear of him until I could figure out what to do next.”

Thankfully, O’Boyle did finally get away from Matthew and move on with her life – and she believes that Jesus was there to help and guide her every step of the way. But that doesn’t mean her road was trouble-free or pain-free. In fact, it was often just the opposite…


You can see the entire review and listen to our half hour chat here.