Health update

I posted this update on face book today:

I don’t like to draw attention to myself. Initially, I wasn’t going to share on social media about my debilitating illnesses, but many have asked and I decided I should tell you so I can ask for your prayers. And boy, am I overwhelmed by your generosity of prayers. It warms my heart. In addition, I am hoping that by sharing it could help others.
My fevers continue. But I am SO thankful that my fever came down yesterday. During the night and this morning it wasn’t as high as it has been for the past couple of weeks. And for the first time in a couple of weeks my heart wasn’t racing uncontrollably last night and this morning.
But the fever has continued along with the intense pain, burning feeling in my skin, heart problems, weakness, cough, lack of balance, sheer exhaustion, cramping muscles, joint pain, and more.
I’m realizing I’ve had the walking pneumonia for quite some time (based on blood work and symptoms). But I just chugged along pushing through because I didn’t have health insurance. My insurance had doubled in cost due to the “lovely” change from “Uncle Sam.” So, I lost the insurance.
And as for the tick borne diseases– I’ve been dealing with them for years–all new cases from new tick bites. I’ve been fighting for treatment due to ignorance and being misdiagnosed several times. I had to point things out to my doctors, disagree with their misdiagnosis of autoimmune diseases, etc. The blood work finally proved that I was right in several cases. I’m pointing this out to encourage others to fight for their appropriate health care. Do your research. Please don’t simply accept a diagnosis. And be aware that blood tests for Lyme and tick borne diseases may not show your positive diagnosis at first.

I’ve made the mistake in the past of trusting the test and then doubting myself thinking I must not have it then because this test says I don’t. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy and get exercise if you can. Protect yourself from ticks! I feel for the elderly and the very ill who just don’t know how or don’t have strength to stand up for themselves or question treatment.
One doctor was convinced I had Lupis and wanted to put me on a medicine that would slow down my immune system so the supposed autoimmune disease would stop attacking my joints. She based her “diagnosis” on my very high ANA count. I told her that I wouldn’t go on a medication that will slow down my immune system. I actually asked her, “Why would I want to go on that and slow down my immune system when I need it to fight this Lyme disease for which you are treating me? And don’t you think my ANA could be high because I am fighting Lyme? Is that possible?” She still thought I had Lupis. I said, “Let’s wait a month or a bit more and recheck my blood then. I bet the ANA will go down when my Lyme is treated.”
Well, guess what happened after I was rechecked? The doctor called me up and said, “You were right!” She was nice. I had another experience in which a PA was actually hostile toward me because I told her I thought I had Lyme (and I did!). And she refused to treat me. Unfortunately, the doctor from that office was away for a couple of days and I was stuck with this PA. I told her that I do not abuse antibiotics. In fact, I do not like to take them. But, I needed the antibiotic to get rid of the Lyme disease, I told her. I knew that the disease had progressed because I was experiencing some of the exact symptoms I had in the past when it had gotten out of control. This PA did not want to treat the WHOLE person.

She did not take any of my symptoms into consideration. She wanted to base her diagnosis on clinical (blood work) only. That is not what a good doctor or PA should do.

Anyway, what happened is that I ended up practically begging her to please prescribe the Doxycycline because I was convinced it would get even worse if I didn’t get on the medicine. She finally agreed to do so only IF I agreed to do another blood test. I said “GLADLY!” The next day her office called (she had the secretary tell me) and I was told that the blood test was POSITIVE for Lyme and that I should continue taking the antibiotic that the PA had prescribed. I thanked the woman and bit my tongue because I wanted to say, “You mean the medicine that I begged her to give me, the medicine she at first refused to give me?” But, what good would that have done? In addition, I was now on the antibiotic and I knew I was NOT going back to that office again.
Thankfully, I have just found a Lyme literate doctor who was recommended to me.
The three tick-borne diseases I am fighting now–Lyme, Babisia, and Q Fever are new cases from new tick bites. I have been dealing with tick-borne diseases for over 20 years.
For those who might not know, some ticks are only the size of a poppy seed and you can’t always see them on your skin. You usually notice after the area starts hurting from the bite and it’s usually too late then. The darn tick has done its damage and infected your body with disease which will attack every system of the body, wreaking havoc and causing serious harm. The longer you are made to wait for treatment (and this has happened to me due to blood tests that are not always accurate), the more devastating the damage to vital organs and systems.
I am going to start using an organic bug spray before I go outside. I don’t use poisons. Hopefully, I can ward off the ticks this way.
This update is by no means meant as a complaint about my situation. I am praying throughout these illnesses and offering it all to God. I believe that Our Lord can use our suffering in big ways, making it redemptive when we offer it lovingly to Him.
Though these symptoms continue, I am very hopeful. I see improvement in that my fever isn’t as high (right now) and I still have much more medicine to take. Each day, I pray will bring me closer to having all of this behind me and having strength again.
I am deeply thankful for your love, concern, and your many prayers. May God reward you!
I am hoping that I will get strong enough to travel to New Jersey the week of the 21st to present at the CMN that week. I believe that is very possible. With your prayers, it is.
This is turning into a book! But I thought I should fill you in.
God bless you and keep you. Thank you again. Please be assured that I am praying for you! ❤
PS In my last couple of posts I read your beautiful comments as I could, but believe it or not, I was too weak to click “like” on all of them. If I don’t “like” your beautiful comment it doesn’t mean I didn’t read it or that I don’t care. Believe me when I tell you that your comments and prayers warm my heart. And, I am praying hard for all of you.