INVITE Donna-Marie and Talk List

Below is a partial list of Donna-Marie’s talk topics. You may invite Donna-Marie to speak to your diocese, parish or group at a special event, Day of Recollection, Night of Reflection, Retreat day, Retreat week end, Mother’s Tea, Mom’s Day Out, and any other occasion. Donna-Marie also speaks to groups of children (faith formation classes and more) about the Saints and about the Blessed Mother, and more.

She is unable most times to discuss by telephone since she is often traveling for speaking, as well as conducting interviews by phone for articles she is writing, and also doing LIVE radio from her telephone.

Please fill out the form below to inquire about her availability and honorarium fee schedule and to discuss event ideas. Donna-Marie will get back to you soon.

  • 15 Ways to Love Like Mother Teresa
  • Our Lady of Fatima: One Hundred Years
  • Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Teaching the Faith and Preserving Church Tradition in Your Domestic Church
  • Restorative blessings in eating family dinner together
  • The Domestic Church: Carrying out the Church’s Witness While Keeping One’s Sanity!
  • Praying in the Domestic Church: A Mother’s Call To Holiness
  • Woman’s Call to Prayer (addresses women in every state of life: single, married, mothers, and Religious)
  • Family Spirituality: Family Become What you are (Based on Familiaris Consortio)
  • Love, A Fruit Always in Season (Mother Teresa’s Spirituality)
  • The Miraculous Medal: History and Modern Day Stories
  • Raising Catholic Children in a Consumeristic and Technological Society
  • The Perfect Woman: Dealing with Society’s Demands for Perfection
  • Calcutta in Our Midst (our call to take care of the poor around us)
  • Get out From Under that Bushel (encouragement to let your light shine)
  • “If I Could Only Touch His Cloak” (faith and trust in the Lord)
  • Leading Others to Jesus’ Cloak (evangelizing with our word and example)
  • Thirsting for the Living Water (Meeting Jesus at the “Well” to nourish our hearts and souls)
  • Awareness Of A Mission (we all have a distinct calling from God, finding out what it is)
  • Taking Our Faith to the Streets: Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love
  • Radical Love (Mother Teresa’s Spirituality)
  • Encouraging A Culture of Life (Pro-life Talk, based in part on Mother Teresa’s spirituality
  • CHANGE: A Woman’s Middle Name! (Dealing with change and challenge with God’s grace)
  • Rooted In Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women
  • Leading Lives of Faith, Hope, and Love, Guided by Mother Mary, and Mother Teresa
  • Leading Lives of Faith, Hope, and Love, Guided by Mother Mary, and Mother Teresa with ADVENT theme
  • ROOTED IN LOVE RETREAT: “Rooted in Love: Finding Peace in Knowing, Loving, and Serving God” (a day or a week end – based on Donna-Marie’s Rooted in Love: Our Calling As Catholic Women book)
  • Let’s Be Real!: Surviving and Thriving in the Domestic Church (discussing the realities of life in a family–ups and downs–challenges and joys–and how to survive and keep your sanity too!)
  • Saint Catherine Laboure, the Blessed Mother, and the Miraculous Medal
  • Angels Are Everywhere! (A talk about the holy Angels)
  • The Kiss of Jesus: A Life of Mercy, Love, and Joy (based on Donna-Marie’s memoir)
  • The Kiss of Jesus: A Crooked Path of Heartache, Mercy, Love, and Deep Joy (based on Donna-Marie’s memoir)
  • LENT: Reflection based on Saint Mother Teresa
  • LENT: Reflection based on Saint Therese of Lisieux
  • LENT: Reflection based on Saint John Paul II
  • LENT: Reflection based on Pope Francis
  • Feed their Souls: Don’t let their FAITH go on vacation! [help, tips, encouragement to parents and grandparents in teaching the Faith to the children.]
  • Reading to children: “Our Lady’s Message to Three Shepherd Children and the World” [Donna-Marie’s children’s chapter book on Fatima]
  • Feed Their Souls: Don’t Allow the Children’s FAITH to Go on Vacation! [Talk to parents and grandparents geared for before summertime but applicable any time]
  • Feeding Your Family’s Souls: Step up to the plate to be the first and foremost faith educator of your children! [Encouragement and Church teaching about a parent and grandparent’s role in faith formation]
  • Our Lady of Fatima [Talk addressed to children]
  • “You can be a Saint!” [Talk addressed to children]
  • Saint Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal [Talk addressed to children]
  • Angels are REAL! [Talk addressed to children]

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