I am happy to offer my books to you at a special price for First Holy Communion and Confirmation gifts!

SUITABLE for either First Communion gift OR Confirmation gift…

An autographed copy of Our Lady’s Message to Three Shepherd Children and the World

$15.99 Hard cover children’s chapter book

AND an autographed copy of my book Angels For Kids!

$14.99 Paperback filled with Angel Catechesis for children and adults

BUNDLED together for just $28.00 plus shipping and handling. A $3.00 SAVINGS!


SUITABLE for Confirmation gift…

Here is another option: An autographed copy of Our Lady’s Message…

$15.99 Hard cover chapter book

AND: An autographed copy of My Confirmation Book:

$16.99 Hard cover keepsake and teaching book

BUNDLED together for just $30.00 plus shipping and handling. A $3.00 SAVINGS!


Here is another GIFT option:

My Confirmation Book AND Catholic Saints Prayer Book (both hard cover)

BUNDLED together for a CONFIRMATION gift for ONLY $22.00 (plus shipping and handling)!



Suitable for First Holy Communion gift OR Confirmation Gift:

An autographed copy of Our Lady’s Message…

AND an autographed copy of Catholic Saints Prayer Book!

Catholic Saints Prayer Book

Hard cover: Inspiration and wisdom from 32 popular saints! Prayers, bios, patronages, quotes

BUNDLED TOGETHER for ONLY: $21.00 (plus shipping and handling)! A $3.00 SAVINGS!


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