A review of my book “Our Lady of Fatima: 100 Years of Stories, Prayers, and Devotions”

Have you heard the message of Fatima?  Even if you are familiar with Mary’s apparitions at Fatima, I guarantee you haven’t heard the story told quite like this before.  And if you’re skeptical about the whole thing, all the more reason to pick up this book.

Mary wants to lead us to her Son, Jesus Christ.  She wants peace for the world, and she wants us to repent of our sins so we can all make it to Heaven!

There’s no better time to pick up this book than right now, as we are about to celebrate the 100th anniversary of these apparitions.  In fact, the Church will celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, which is right around the corner.  On this day, Pope Francis will also canonize Jacinta and Francisco, two of the Fatima visionaries, as Saints for the whole world to celebrate!

In this book, author Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle takes readers through a century of fascinating stories related to Fatima.  She recounts what occurred in this city back in 1916 and 1917, and the fulfillment of the Fatima prophecies that have taken place since that time.  She also shares things that Sr. Lucia experienced later in her life as she worked to ensure that Mary’s message spread throughout the Church, and that things were completed as Mary and Jesus requested.

In these pages, you will hear remarkable stories you’ve never heard before, and details that you won’t find in other places.  Did you know that Saint Mother Teresa planned a top secret mission in Russia specifically to occur just as Saint John Paul II consecrated Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart?  Did you know she pulled it off?  Do you know about the devotion of the Five First Saturdays?  Do you know why Mary specifically requested five and not six or seven?  Have you heard the Fatima prayers?  Do you know how you can incorporate these prayers into your daily life to make atonement for the sins of the world?  All of this and more is shared in this fascinating book.

Perhaps as astounding as the Fatima miracles themselves, are the personal experiences of the author that she shares at the end of the book.  I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it’s unbelievable what this woman endured for the sake of this writing, and the timing of her injuries is absolutely astounding.

In short, I had a hard time putting this book down!  You won’t want to miss this exciting read, especially as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions this year. We all must now do our part to make reparation for the sins of this world.  Find out what you can do to live the Fatima message today!

And a note to any skeptics:  With Mary, you have nothing to fear except fear itself.  Fear of Mary will only keep you from Mary, which will only keep you from a deeper intimacy with Christ.  Our Mother Mary who is Our Lady of Fatima, is the Mother of Jesus Christ who is our brother.  Hence, she is our Mother, too, and Jesus also gave her to us on the Cross.  Mary is truly amazing.  She also only wants to do the will of her Son.  She wants to support Jesus as much as possible in the work of bringing all souls to Heaven.  Perhaps you will be able to get to know her just a little better through the words in this book.

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4 thoughts on “A review of my book “Our Lady of Fatima: 100 Years of Stories, Prayers, and Devotions”

    • Hi Phyllis. I am just seeing your comment. Yes, at the end of each chapter I have provided Reflections which can be pondered individually or in a group setting. There is also a prayer following each chapter. I hope this helps. God bless you@

  1. I just finished reading the book just wonderful until almost the end.I was terribly disappointed with the conclusion that the Consecration of Russia requested by Mary had been done according to her wishes. From all the previous coverages of what each Pope had done and failed to do regarding that Consecration, there was STILL NO MENTION of the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA as Mary requested. Regardless of many mentions of all the world, all the nations, all the peoples, RUSSIA IS NEVER MENTIONED BY NAME. I find it an egregious error to maintain that it was the Consecration that Mary asked. Then to follow that with a statement that Lucia “personally confirmed that this was the solemn…” is hard to believe. It only leads us to conclude that the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith just wanted to shut the door and never let the real truth be told. And if you REALLY look at Russia today, their is no conversion to the Catholic Church – the same anger and resentment exists in the Russian Orthodox patriarch, resentful and disrespectful of Pope Francis. And why not – the Communist government still holds the Orthodox in its power, and there can never be unity until RUSSIA IS CONSECRATED TO THE IMMACULATE HEART AND TRUE CONVERSION CAN TAKE PLACE. I would really like a response, and hope that you do not hide behind the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith’s statement that “Hence any further discussion is without basis.”

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