Watch the EWTN Family Celebration on Saturday and Sunday!

Here are a couple of real quick promos for the EWTN Family Celebration:


You can see the EWTN Family Celebration on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th. I gave a talk on Fatima last Saturday in Worcester which was filmed and will be aired on Saturday September 16th. I also appeared on a live television show that Saturday evening which was hosted by Marus Grodi and also televised. It will air Saturday evening.

This lovely family came all the way from Singapore to be at the EWTN Family Celebration!

2 thoughts on “Watch the EWTN Family Celebration on Saturday and Sunday!

  1. Hi Donna I enjoyed your speech very much.
    Got a chance to meet you briefly for a few minutes and the book sign. Best to last in line my sister with cancer were both in wheel chairs and she cried when you have her the medal after placing it against St. Mother Teresa.
    I hear you are coming to my parish in December. My parish is All Saints in Somersville Connecticut.
    I cannot not wait. Hopefully to spend a little more time with you. Thank you for signing my book and the couple pics I have. God Bless You. See you in December.

    • Thank you for writing, Gail. I just got in last night from leading a pilgrimage to Fatima and Poland! It was great to meet you and your sister with cancer. I’m so glad that the blessed medal meant lot to her nd OI pray it brings many graces. It will be great to see you in December at All Saints! Please pray for my ministry. God bless you!

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